Logic PRO Electronic Vapouriser Reviewed

The Logic PRO electronic vapouriser has already proved to be a massive hit across the pond and now it has landed in the UK. The device offers “simplicity” and “convenience” as its flagship aims. At only £10, this device is also super affordable and easy on the wallet. However, don’t let the price fool you, as the device itself has a stainless steel finish, therefore giving it a sense of quality and a feeling of durability too.


For the size, as you would expect, the battery life will not last you all day. In fact, the device runs out after about 3 hours of use and so you will need to keep charging it on the go to maintain use. Charging is relatively quick and is achieved using the micro-USB slot.

As the brand has aimed for, the device is also very easy and convenient to use. When vaping you can monitor the levels of liquid left in the chamber via a small viewing window, therefore making it a breeze to keep tabs on when you may need to fill up. The replacement of the capsules themselves is also super simple. The capsules click into place and there is no need to top up with the liquid yourself. This means no more spillages out and about. It really is easy.

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Logic Pro e-liquid capsules are available in 3 different flavours and come in packs of 3 for £3.99. The flavours include:

  • Brazilian Bold Tobacco (20 mg/ml)
  • Ice Fjord Menthol (15 mg/ml)
  • Red Cherry (15 mg/ml)

For us, the red cherry was the easiest going and smoothest to vape. The bold tobacco is indeed bold and a little stronger on the palette than the others (it also includes more nicotine!). Overall, in terms of value for money, quality and ease of use this product is fairly faultless. We would recommend it as a great introduction to the vaping world, but the battery life may let it down for slightly more hardcore users.

1 x Logic Pro Vaporiser: 1 x Capsule Holder and 1 x Battery
1 x USB charger
1 x User manual

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