LOGO Billionaire board game review

Here’s a great game from Drumond Park, the creators of the super-popular, much loved LOGO board game series. LOGO Billionaire (rrp £24.99) is a hugely entertaining, tactical game that gives you the chance to hone those pecuniary skills in a dynamic exchange of strategic skill and smart moves… combined with a healthy dose of artful ambition!

In typical, unique LOGO style, the game is bursting with a massive selection of huge, everyday brands, instantly recognisable to UK households.

It’s a thrilling, colourful card- and cash-collecting board game, where everyone joins in the race to become the first LOGO Billionaire. Watch friends and family transform themselves into power-crazed business types as they wrangle over well-known everyday brands – in a noisy, fun game that reveals a surprising amount about people’s personalities – and even more about their scary alter-egos!

There’s two exciting levels of play… Whether you’re playing the introductory Apprentice version (perfect for every member of the family aged from 8 upwards) or have moved on to the more skilful, strategic Executive game, there’s plenty of scope for lucrative, suspenseful deals as you collect and trade big brand cards while negotiating new company launches.

The uniquely cunning game of risky business…

Just HOW ruthless are you prepared to be?  Will you surprise yourself and your opponents?  Will you play it safe or ride the thrusting wave of uncertainty?

You get to choose … but you’ll have to watch out – in the world of LOGO Billionaire, you can go from mega-bucks to BUST with the turn of a single card … it’s a risky business, and no mistake!

So it’s “who dares wins” in this brilliant, lively and ruthless game.  Anyone, from the rising star trader to the accomplished tactician can hold all the cards – overcoming financial uncertainty with scheming moves and nimble game play.


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