Make Music Cool This Valentine’s Day With Intempo

Valentine’s Day is only a week away and it’s time to get serious with those present ideas! We have two perfect products for that music fan in your life and they both come from Intempo. Intempo are a fairly new brand to us; however, with their eye for great style, sound and good value products, we think they are a product we will keep in mind for the future. Find out why below!

Intempo Retro Turnable (£89.99)

We absolutely love the red and black colour combination. It looks sleek, stylish and modern. Perfect for any modern home and it is even pretty enough to become a feature or talking piece. If you want to stow away the turntable, the design means it is fully portable and you can safely tidy it away. There is even a helpful carry handle too!

When it comes to playing vinyls, a fantastic authentic sound comes from built in speakers. There is a good amount of bass and clarity to the music here. Certainly good enough for a small gathering or just easy listening on a Sunday morning. The record playing element has three speeds (33, 45 and 78rpm), therefore allowing you to play a range of records. The sound is also great with an authentic feel and that classic vinyl sound.

In terms of added technology, the device also uses a Bluetooth 2.1 connection to play music from your smartphone or tablet device wirelessly.  The device is powered by a built in rechargeable battery and this can be powered up by an included USB charging cable. This is handy for this who have lots of USB power supply adapters lying around; however, if you don’t, there is no power cable for you to plug directly into the wall, even though there is a 5V adapter built in.

In addition to Bluetooth and records, you can also play via an aux cable and there is output for headphones too. There is even an RCA output too.

All in all, this is a sweet sounding and great looking turntable. It’s practical too and can be had for under £90. If your partner loves playing old records but needs a slick record playing device, we would try this! Buy here.

Intempo Large Red Capsule (£39.99)

We think the Large Red Capsule from Intempo is fab! For us, this is a great device to sit in your window, on the kitchen work top or even on a dressing table. Although a long device, it is slender enough to nestle away from harm. Really great design, it just seems to sit anywhere without being overbearing!

The device uses Bluetooth, much like the turntable. Plus, this device has EDR, this means that the Bluetooth unit is able to transmit 2 or 3 times faster for a better connection. The result is a highly consistent and high quality sound transmission. Deep bass is evident here too and there is more than enough sound produce to keep anyone happy. Even at higher volumes the sound is good, fairly crisp and booming with bass, just how we like it!

The device comes with a USB charging cable and an auxillary 3.5mm stereo jack cable. However, a really neat feature is the ability to take calls via the speaker using the onboard speakers and microphone. This makes it a great addition for any office too!

The onboard battery can be easily charged and it takes a couple of hours to achieve full charge. Once full, we have struggled to deplete the battery in our testing and it seems to pack quite a lot of juice, which is great!

Find out more about the Large Red Capsule here.

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