Mini Summer Drinks Guide 2016

Summer is here and that means it’s time to crack open the drinks and enjoy the sun! We have collected a couple of small highlights from drinks brands across the UK for this mini guide. If you are a fan of Malibu, Jim Beam and other top brands, then we suggest you take a look!

Malibu Pineapple (£14.85) and New Malibu goodies

 Just in time for summer, Malibu has launched a brand new online shop to help get the season off to a bang. Full of great branded goodies from speakers to beach towels, it’s certainly worth a visit if you are or know a Malibu fan. We particularly love the Party Set for £34.99(below), which includes a 70cl bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum, 6 coconut cups, 2 pitchers and 6 flower garlands. The cups were a big hit for our recent BBQ and they went down a storm. We also loved the Pineapple Malibu, which was a Summery treat and gave the Coconut Rum a really fresh vibe.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 15.13.35

Jägermeister Spice (70cl)

Why not add a dash of excitement to Summer with Jägermeister Spice. Jägermeister has become a real hit over the last few years and is now a staple of many bars. However, you may not have tried this super smooth and warming spicy edition. Great for nights around the campfire or around the BBQ, this unique take on Jager combines vanilla and spice for all things nice. Although, quite unusual and a different flavour to your typical Jägermeister, this is a pleasant change and one we really enjoyed. Jägermeister Spice Is 25% ABV and is available in 70cl from Tesco stores, RRP £18.


Jim Beam® Devil’s Cut

 We are huge fans of bourbon and we are now big fans of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. For £25 this is a great value buy. The bourbon has a really bold flavour and a great intensity. This whiskey blends the 6 year old Jim Beam with flavour from the 6 year old cask. The outcome is a rich and robust bourbon. For the price, this one is hard to beat for fans. Available for 70cl is available at Tesco, RRP £25


CELIA Craft Czech Lager 

This elegant lager is more than just a pretty face. In fact, it is naturally carbonated and gluten-free, therefore making it slightly healthier too! CELIA is typically brewed for over two mints in the walls of a 14th century castle using traditional Czech techniques for a fab craft pilsner. The removal of the gluten makes it a very light lager indeed and it’s very drinkable (be warned!). Fantastic flavours and no bloating – a great Summer lager of choice.

Celia_Dark_Packshot Celia_Light_Packshot

CELIA Organic Lager is available on Ocado, in Waitrose stores nationwide and selected Oddbins, Booths and Whole Foods Market. RRP £2.50.

Overhang – Orange, Ginger, Lime and Milk Thistle (£24.99 for 6)

After all these great alcohol recommendations you may have a sore head in the morning. But fear not, we have it covered. Overhang is a drink perfect for raising the spirits after a long night out and will certainly revitalise you enough to get out of bed (at least!). This refreshing drink combines orange, lime, ginger and milk thistle to give it a great taste. However, it is also packed with vitamin B6 and B12, and botanicals to help rejuvenate your body too. It tastes great and certainly helps a sore head. Serve it chilled and straight from the fridge for maximum effect. Order here.


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