Mio MiVue Dash Cam 618 Reviewed

One of the most noticeable trends on the roads in 2016 has to be the increase in dash cams. Dash cams do as you would expect – they are little cameras which sit just above your dashboard and record the view whilst driving. There is a vast range of ever changing product types and brands making these devices, so we were really excited to see what the MiVue 618 had to offer. Were we impressed? On the whole, we were; but the device was not without its flaws.


Helpful with insurance claims and more

I was actually in a car crash two months ago and having a device like this would have made the claim process a lot easier. Insurance companies are now so switched on to the prevalence of these devices that they often request Dash Cam footage to prove fault in the case of an accident. Having this kind of footage could be invaluable in proving that you aren’t at fault or fraudulent claims against you.


Other uses of Dash Cams include recording memorable journeys, track days or simply looking to record spectacular natural phenomena, like falling comets. The Dash Cam isn’t just used for insurance claims, it’s actually quite a versatile piece of kit.

Super sharp video

The Mio MiVue 618 offers Full HD recording of 2304 x 1296 at 30fps. Plus, the device uses compression technology called H.264, which means your images and videos take up less space on the SD card. All of this HD recording is achieved by a F.18 lens, allowing for super sharp images, even in the worst of light. We were really impressed by the clarity of the videos generated, especially as the device is so compact.



GPS and journey tracking

Another key addition to the MiVue 618 is the GPS tracking capability. This in-built technology gives your video footage a precise location and this is key to proving your video is legitimate for insurance claims.

But that’s not all, the device also contains 3-Axis G-Sensor technology, which tracks your acceleration, movements, impact, direction and other key metrics. All of this data is super useful and interesting too. For example, you could attach the camera on a track day, then record your speedy lap, including the ability to analyse how well you drove around the course. Or, this data could be used to show that your vehicle was not moving if you are unfortunate enough to be hit by another vehicle.

Slow processing and navigation

One area we felt could be improved upon is the navigation speed and seemingly slow processing of data. It sometimes took what seemed like an age to load up videos or to even boot up the device. This is a real shame, as the recording capabilities, rich data and clarity of recording weren’t allowed to shine so strongly.


Plus, it would be nice for the kit to come with an SD card, even a small 8GB card would have been a nice addition.

Here is a list of the cameras highlights
  • HD recording – 2304 x 1296 at 30fps, with H.264 technology for super crisp imagery at smaller file sizes
  • Safety camera warning data – included and this is updated monthly
  • GPS tracking – automatically takes not of your speed, altitude, longitude, latitude and heading
  • 18 lens – for sharper and clear imagery, even in low lighting
  • 3-Axis G-Sensor- records direction, force, impact and acceleration
  • Rotating mount design for the ultimate flexibility and ease of use
  • Fast switch to photo mode (including your GPS details)
  • Speed alarm to help you keep speed aware on the go
What is in the box?


The Mio MiVue 618 is priced at £99.99 and is available from a variety of retailers in-store and online. Find out more here

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