Motorola Verve Rider Plus Bluetooth Headphones Reviewed

Motorola are a name you would typically find synonymous with mobile phones or communications tech. However, you would be daft to think that, as their new range of Verve wireless Bluetooth headphones are top of the tree when it comes to performance.


In a month when Apple announced that it is doing away with the standard audio jack, 2016 very much feels like the beginning of the end for wired headphones. The Verve Rider+ range offers a wireless, high-end and sleek solution to your headphone woes.

Cutting edge Bluetooth technology

The Verve Rider+ headphones utilise Bluetooth technology with a range of up to 150 feet, according to the brand. From our experience, the wireless playback lasts well over 10 hours too, just falling short of the promised 12 hours on the box. It must be said that 10 hours is typically enough for most journeys and is even enough for multiple work outs too.

Sound quality is deep, reach and has true clarity, thanks to the aptX technology on-board. Strong bass underpins clear trebles and there is a good rich sound produced.

Perfect workout companions  

There are also a couple of additions to these headphones which make them absolutely ideal for activity and even the most energetic of work outs. The device incorporates full control of Siri and Google Now and a one-touch button.  This means you can work out and change your music with the least amount of effort.

Plus, these headphones are FULLY WATERPROOF and SWEATPROOF! For us, this is a game changer and means you can work out without any inhibitions, safe in the knowledge your headphones are going to stay the course.


Fully customisable

Another neat feature with the Verve Rider+ headphones is the ability to generate personalised sound profiles. So, if you favour more base or if you have a particular sweet spot when it comes to volume, then these beauties have you covered. Simply log into the Verve Life app to do so!



Available for RRP £59.99 / £79.99. For more information, or to buy products from the VerveLife range visit

Alternatives in the range

VerveOnes & VerveOnes+ deliver HD sound, with 12 hours of battery life and no wires whatsoever. Dual integrated mics and Siri and Google Now compatibility and fully waterproof, sweatproof VerveOnes+. Charge on the go with portable carrying case RRP £199.99 / £229.99

VerveLoop+ Lightweight and designed for high impact activity. Up to 9.5 hours and 12 hours of HD quality sound, 150 feet of Bluetooth connectivity, Siri and Google Now compatibility, and dual-integrated mics for all your phone calls. Plus an elegant, sleek, easily pocketable carrying case to keep them safe. fully waterproof, sweatproof VerveLoop+.  RRP £59.99

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