Mydlink Home System Reviewed – is this the complete wireless home solution?

“The mydlink™ Home smartphone and tablet app is the command centre for the D-Link range of smart home technology devices, enabling you to set, control, monitor and automate. What felt like science fiction not that long ago is now very much science fact…”

That’s it in a nutshell from the DLink themselves – but how did their mydlink Home system work? Did it pass muster?




The review

Firstly, the application from which you control the whole set is completely free and the additional hardware options are actually really reasonable. The Home Monitor HD coming in at £89.99 (RRP, but can be found cheaper), the Music Everywhere £54.99 and the Smartplug £32.99.

Set up is easy thanks to the application and can be done in a matter of minutes. Each device comes with a scannable QR code and instructions for fast installation. Once installed, the devices can be viewed from the app easily.



Mydlink Home Monitor HD

The mydlink™ Home Monitor HD allows you to monitor your home, whenever, from wherever. The monitor presents everything in full colour high definition 720p with sound. The built-in night vision allows you to see up to 5 metres even in complete darkness. What’s more, it works with other mydlink™ Home smart devices to enable you to create a smart home without complicated setup, installation cost or monthly subscription charges.


The image clarity is ok and offers a good enough image for potential intruders to be identified. Plus the unit itself is discreet enough to hide away in a key area of the home. We think it’s a pretty nifty device. Plus, you can set the camera to deliver notifications to your phone should motion be detected, you can then take a snap of anyone who could have entered unwanted. We love it and it gives the home another layer of security. We wouldn’t recommend using your mobile data on viewing the video stream though, as it does seem to eat up data – Wi-Fi it is!

Check out these snaps of ours and a view of the alert set up interface




Mydlink Home Music Everywhere

Music Everywhere offers the chance to transform the way you listen to music, breathe new life into your old hi-fi speakers, while simultaneously acting as a Wi-Fi range extender. If you have ever wanted to link up your personal speakers to a device and play your music wirelessly in the home, then this could be a low cost option for you. It’s certainly cheaper than expensive SONOS systems we have tried.
Once you have linked up the device to the speaker of choice and also your network (easy peasy for us using the simple instructions), you will then be able to link up your mobile device or table to the speaker and play. Simply look for your additional output image in your music player/ spotify. Click it. Then, after a couple of seconds, you will be able to hear your music from your speakers. This worked reasonably well for us and the sound quality was great. The only downside was the lag in communications between our mobile and the device – it just took a little while to change songs and change volume.


Mydlink Home Smartplug

The mydlink™ Home Smart Plug is a multi-purpose, compact and easy-to-use smart home device that allows you to monitor and control your home’s electronic appliances from anywhere. With the mydlink™ Home app, you can turn appliances on or off, monitor energy usage of connected appliances, create on/off schedules and set up alerts. The Smart Plug’s thermal sensor will even help prevent the plug from overheating. What’s more, it works with other mydlink™ Home smart devices to enable you to create a smart home without complicated setup, installation cost or monthly subscription charges.


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