NAD VISO HP20 Headphones – Reviewed

As you may have noticed, the headphone market is saturated with offerings claiming to be the best and claiming to be among the best. So, when we were offered the VISO HP20s to review from NAD, we were rather pleasantly surprised and we are happy to report that they are pretty damn good!

Available in the UK now from Apple Stores and Sevenoaks Sound andVision, NAD VISO HP20 headphones have an SRP of £129.99. This means they are within the luxury, top end spectrum for headphones and bear a hefty price tag to prove it. However, we think they may be worth this price tag and here is why…


The Sound

Firstly, these headphones have been designed and crafted with a lot of care. In fact, the have been created in conjunction with British industrial designer David Farrage of New York’s award-winning DF-ID industrial design studio. This means that they are not just your run of the mill, off the shelf headphones, but they are thoroughly thought out and created with some good old science. NAD suggest that by utilising DF-ID’s design and also years of Canadian sound research the headphones generate a “life-like” listening experience. They have named this “RoomFeel”. I have to say that these headphones do generate a fantastic level of depth to the sound and give a feeling of space which you may not get from cheaper alternatives. The sound does has a tangible sense of feeling and spatial resonance which make for a richer listening experience.

In terms of the clarity of the sound, 8mm drivers with Neodymium magnets work to give great bass and accuracy in the sound. So much love has gone into these drivers that they are housed in a “precision milled …solid billet of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium, allowing NAD engineers to design-in the vented and critically tuned acoustic chamber to obtain the desired life-like bass response and stunningly natural vocals.” Now, that all sounds very fancy, but we can tell you that translates into a generously, enjoyable acoustic experience.


The look and the accessories

So, we love the sound! But we also love the sleek, defined and precise look of the NAD VISO HP20s. Take a look for yourself here:


Shaped almost like bullets, the headphones provide an equally high quality aesthetic to match the high quality acoustics.  Plus, each pair of NAD VISO HP20’s is supplied with a choice of five different ultra-soft silicone gel tips, allowing users to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and noise isolation.

OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) tangle-free ribbon cabling is used for additional high performance, which is fitted with an Apple compatible remote that works seamlessly with an iPhone or iPad. Listeners can take full control of all their Apple music with a simple touch of the 3-button Apple Remote, and talk hands-free with the high-quality microphone built for voice-calling and device control with Siri-compatible devices. A neoprene travel case is also included along with a convenient accessory organiser, which includes a 3.5 mm to ¼” jack converter, aeroplane adaptor and clothing clip.

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