Og On The Bog – Top kids games for Christmas 2015

Here’s our second featured Drummond Park game for Christmas 2015…

Og On The Bog (rrp £22.99)

The amazing new electronic Og on the Bog (age 5+, for 2-4 players) is truly hilarious.  It takes revolting games to completely new heights with its outrageous brand of gross and disgusting toilet humour.  Designed completely in-house and unique to the UK games market, the concept behind Og on the Bog is simple but already proven to be hugely appealing to a vast range of youngsters – including girls and boys right up to 11 and beyond, who just never seem to grow out of the timeless appeal of shameless lavatorial larks!

OgOnTheBog Montage HR

The players are a group of adventurous children setting out with one aim in mind; to steal Og’s loo rolls and leave him in a right pickle.  As they lurk around the bog, they take a turn on the spinner to see whether they can sneak a loo roll off its pole.

But if they falter with unsteady hands, they’ll likely disturb Og who’ll fart loudly – and yes, we mean loudly – and scare them away!  It’s uproarious fun!

As play proceeds, the anticipation and excitement build – and the hilarity ramps up to new levels as Og’s showstopper comes ever closer … because if Og does a truly humungous, explosive fart, he blows his Bog apart!

Og on the Bog explosion HR

 Having set up Og and his ‘Bog’ in the centre of the table, each player is given one ‘loo roll’ to start them off, and the youngest player spins the tree stump spinner. There are different segments on the spinner:

  • A red cross means you’ve made a noise and it’s not safe to tip-toe up to Og’s Bog, so your turn is over and the next player spins.
  • The hand holding a loo roll means you can pinch a loo roll from any other player!
  • A green tick – hurrah!

This means you can stealthily try to steal a loo roll from Og’s loo roll pole… and here’s the tricky part.  You have to push down the front step of the bog to see if Og has heard you.  If he says anything, he has – and you must run away; your turn is over.

  • If he grunts or farts he has not heard you – and you can try to lift that loo roll off the pole.
  • If you twitch it too much, Og will make another noise: if he shouts out something (which could be quite rude!), you must drop the loo roll back on the pole and your turn is over.  If he grunts or farts – success! – he did not hear you and you can keep that precious loo roll.


 If Og does a monster fart and his Bog explodes during your turn – you have to put one of the loo rolls you’ve already collected back onto the pole and finish your turn, raising the walls of Og’s bog once again so that play can continue.

Winning the game 

The first player to collect three loo rolls has beaten Og – and is the worthy winner!

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