Gift Shares In A Football Club

This is quite an interesting one. How about gifting your loved one some ownership in their favourite soccer club. I don’t quite understand why you wouldn’t go direct to the stock exchange and buy some shares instead, but there you go. Anyway, it’s an interesting idea being marketed by

According to

“Call yourself a football fan eh? Well, think again mate. Real supporters don`t just watch their club, they own a bit of it as well. You can now give the gift of share ownership to a football fan. They will receive an exclusive shareholder gift-pack, a genuine share certificate displaying their name (registered and delivered separately) and the entitlement to rights and perks of the shareholder. They will also receive important information directly from the club including annual reports, invitations to meetings and a right to vote on issues affecting the club.
The gift pack will be delivered directly to you and enclosed in the gift pack will be information on how to register the share in the fans name.”

So there you go.

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