OXO Good Grips Summer Guide 2016

When you think “OXO” you may think gravy and you have every right to do so. However, this Summer you may like to add products from OXO Good Grips to the Kitchen. OXO Good Grips create premium kitchen and home related products – and we love them! 

Cold Brew Coffee Maker (£45)

We love coffee. And in particular, we love filtered coffee, rather than the instant stuff. This cold brew coffee maker allows you to make top notch fresh coffee using a cold brew process to take bitterness out of the final product. To use, you simply have to add grounds and water to the Cold Brew Coffee Maker, then steep overnight. The water then slowly takes on all the coffee flavour, but leaves behind bitterness. The steeped coffee can then be transferred to a handy glass beaker with the click of a switch.

1272880_Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Once steeped and the process is complete, you will have a great supply of coffee to be used hot or cold. Pop it in the fridge and the coffee concentrate will last up to two weeks. This means you can have a coffee easily, quickly and without hassle, but still with that great taste.


1272880_Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Cold Brew Coffee Maker










The coffee produced is deliciously balanced and the taste seems far superior to your standard filter coffee. Easy to use and with consistently good results, this is a great purchase for coffee lovers. £45 available from Lakeland.

The 3 Piece Ice Bucket Set (NEW – £30)

Summer sun is often the cause of many a ruined or warm drink. When the mercury rises it is sometimes hard to keep your wine, G & T’s or Pimms cold (other drinks are available, of course!). With this handy 3 piece ice bucket from OXO Good Grips, you can now take ice into the garden and keep those drinks chilled to perfection.

At 3 litres capacity, this bucket holds enough ice for a few people to keep their beverages warm in the sun. Plus, the bucket looks great too, with a silver exterior and fantastic build quality.

11169200_3 Piece Ice Bucket Set
3 Piece Ice Bucket Set

On the inside of the bucket you will find a garnish tray (for lemons or limes). This is great for making drinks from the comfort of your seat, therefore meaning you can enjoy the sun more or entertain guests without leaving them. Another neat feature is a raised reservoir in the base of the unit, which keeps melted water away from the ice and the ice will then last even longer. A slick, sleek and practical solution to a first world problem. No more warm drinks in the sun! A must buy. Price: £30
Available at Lakeland

Trigger Ice Cream Scoop (£10)

As I write this, I am acutely aware that next week the temperature is set to soar to around 30 degrees and that means you may be plundering your freezer for ice cream. If that’s the case, we would recommend this smart scoop from OXO Good Grips. This easy to use scoop utilises a stainless steel scoop with an in built lever. Simply press the button on the handle and the lever lifts the ice cream from the scoop and into your cone/bowl.

21291_Trigger Scoop
Trigger Scoop

The scoop seemed to work well on the whole and it worked particularly well with sof scoop ice creams. The scoop is big enough to cater for real ice cream lovers and the handy grip means that the scooping process is super easy too. Price: £10
Available at Debenhams

Rice and Grains Washing Colander (£10) 

Fan of quinoa, farro, barley or rice? This great colander from OXO Good Grips is specially designed to wash these healthy foods, in order to improve taste and flavour. The colander sits neatly under the sink and rubber grips make it easy to hold and shake. The water is allowed to slowly filter through the grains and then it slowly drips out of the colander. The result is tastier food, it really is. Price: £10.00 from Lakeland, Debenhams, Amazon and John Lewis.

11166900_Rice & Grains Washing Colander
Rice & Grains Washing Colander


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