Pamper your Pooch with the Waterloo

Gifts isn`t just about giving to your loved ones, your much loyal canine friends deserve a treat at times too. So, why not treat your Pooch to a funny looking water bowl from the Spindly Brindly Dog Company – The Waterloo, take a look at this:-


Yes, it`s shaped like a toilet, as the company claim that thirsty dogs love to drink from the toilet! Featuring a funky bone and paw print design, the Waterloo is available in traditional black and white as well as pink and blue. It holds over a litre of water, is dishwasher proof and comes apart for easy cleaning.

I have two young boys in my house, as well as a new puppy. When my boys first seen the Waterloo, they really laughed and said how `cool` it was. Our puppy loves to drink his water from it, and is now never short of supply. What I like about the Waterloo is the way you can pop the lid down, one – to keep the water fresher, and two – to stop our puppy from drinking too much a urinating all over our house!


The Waterloo costs just £9.99 plus £3.50 P & P. Order online at

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