Personalised Valentine`s Naughtiness with U Star Novels

U star Novels produce a range of personalised, saucy novels. I think it`s fair to say that these could also be known as literary aphrodisiacs!

For Valentine`s, there`s no need to go out for the evening. Just cosy up with your partner and your bespoke book, read together and wait for the fireworks!

There is something fascinating about reading about the sexual exploits of you and your partner…it`s very naughty!


But, oh so nice!

You need to order quick for Valentine`s day delivery, by February 9th should ensure it arrives on time.

For the personalisation, simply answer a number of personal questions; nicknames, eye colour, favourite food, music, perfume, lingerie colour etc. and then select one of nine novels to star in.

Choose from Fever in France, Spanish Sizzle, English Encounters and other steamy sounding titles, and you and your lover will be entwined in a love story – perhaps being chased by diamond smugglers in the French Riviera, discovering a hidden tomb in Naples or doing whatever it takes to escape being drawn into the vampire underworld forever in the latest title, Blood Lust.

The novels range in sexual content from sensual and romantic through to erotic, enabling you to find the perfect level of sauciness for you and your partner.

They are a romantic way to say `I love you` on Valentine`s Day and a gift that can be enjoyed together for many years to come!

£24.85 for this much fun makes this a great Valentine`s Day option.

Viagra in a book.

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