Plantronics BackBeat Sense Headphones Reviewed


The Plantronics BackBeat Sense Headphones are not just super sleek and stylish, but they are also extremely smart and have a raft of unique features. They are just shy of £100 and yet we feel they offer great value for money when you add up all of the goodies you get.

The first thing we noticed about the headphones is their classy design and lightweight feel. The ears also have “pillow soft” memory foam for the ultimate in comfort and the headband is fully adjustable to ensure they fit all shapes and sizes. The fit of headphones is key to the entire listening experience; if you are uncomfortable and the fit isn’t quite right, then no matter how good the sound is you will probably not enjoy using them. However, the BackBeat Sense headphones are luxuriously comfy and a treat for the ears. There are few competitors out there with this level of cosiness for the price.

Aside, from the looks, design and the comfort, there is a plethora of technical treats packed into the BackBeat Senses too. The headphones are wireless and connect using Bluetooth technology, plus you can have up to two devices connecting up with them. The range is also fantastic, as the headphones have the ability to connect up to 100 metres away. I don’t know who needs to connect from this far away, but there is the option anyway!


Plantronics claim there is up to 18 hours playback time with the on-board battery too and we managed to clock up just over 16 before we had to get more juice. However, battery power is preserved by special smart sensors, which detects when you take off the headphones and then turns off the power to save battery. This works perfectly and the headphones even restart when you put them on. Be warned, if you get these headphones you will spend a good 20 minutes just testing this function and it will probably blow your mind… well, it did for us anyway. Checking the battery levels on the headphones is also easy, as you can chose to hear battery updates and connection alerts while listening too.


One final trick up the sleeve of these great headphones is the “Find MyHeadset” function. When you mislay your headphones all you have to do is open the Plantronic Hub for iOS and the app will show you where you last used them on a handy map. This is great for people who travel or are prone to losing things!

Now we have been through the fab aesthetics, the tech and the features, you may be asking, “how do they sound?” Well they sound fantastic. Deep and rich bass, with crisp trebles make for a complete and full sound. Whether you are listening to rock or dance music these headphones perform well. All in all the Plantronic BackBeat Sense are the complete package – they look great, sound great and the price point seems about right too. Find out more here. RRP £90.99.


The box includes:

  • Backbeat Sense Stereo Headphones
  • Audio Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Charger

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