Pocket Bikes in a Bag

There are currently a plethora of small fold away bicycles hitting the market, that will shred your arse as so much as look at them. Great idea in principle with higher energy costs looming ever more prominent, gridlocked roads and fitness benefits all touted as the key reasons for “getting on your bike”.

So, how convenient to just unfold your bike from a ruck sack and cycle into the sunset. A particularly salient feature given that bikes are becoming an ever increasing target for thieves.


So what’s the latest arse shredder to hit the streets?

Well, Clive Sinclair recently unveiled his “A-Bike” or “Bike-in-a-bag”. Now I’m a big fan of Sir Clive. He rather unfairly became tarred by the Sinclair C5 which with a bit of tweaking and a release of 30 years later could have been a killer product. “Being ahead of your time and failing is just as bad as just plain failing” someone said, although I may have mangled the wording some what – you get my gist though.:-)

Nonetheless, the A-Bike looks like a very interesting concept.

Due to be manufactured in Malaysia, the bike will weigh approx 12lb and is accompanied by a bag which it snugly fits into. It can be carried on foot or be placed on the luggage rack of a train.

“The bike folds in three places, has tiny wheels and is being promoted as ideal for commuters and possibly also for children.”

(Via Manchester Evening News)

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