Pocket Golf Caddy Gift

Quite frankly I am always losing track of my shots on the golf course and am not terribly keen on the pencil and card. What if there was an easier solution?

The Pocket Caddy might be just the tonic. If anybody wants to buy me a really useful little gift, this gizmo could fit the bill. My wife needs to take note. Also my fellow golfers who occasionally accuse me of miscounting my shots might want to invest in one of these!

The marketing description says:

“Not only does this gift count your shots but it also measures the distance to the pin and suggests the appropriate club.”

How cool is that!

The Gadget Shop are marketing this product for £6.95 ($10) which is an absolute bargain of a gift in my opinion.

“Golfers out there will wonder how they ever managed without it! The Pocket Golf Caddy will count your shots and measures your distance to the pin. Look through the sight, lining up the bottom of the flag with the base mark on the Golf Caddy`s lens. Then simply read off the number that corresponds to the top of the flag. This is your distance to the flag.”

Features include:

  • Measures distances from 40-200 yards
  • Powerful 4x magnification
  • 5° wide field angle
  • Includes shot counter

I have to say that this might be a rare occasion where the expectation, might live up to the reality!

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