PM220 Pyramat Sound Rocker

For someone who loves sitting on his arse as much as me this little product sounds great!


Retailing at Gadget Shop for £149.95 ($277) it is described as follows:

“The PM220 Sound Rocker is unlike any other rocker to come before it! The Pyramat incorporates three full range ARX speakers and a huge 5.5” Powersub subwoofer into the structure of the seat that enable users to experience the thrill of their gaming, the suspense of their movies, and the quality of their music in a way they never have before!

The Pyramat literally lets you hear and feel the action from your video games, movies and music! The bass generated by the subwoofer is huge and the sound so clear, that you`ll feel like you are literally in the game or movie. Hear every footstep, and feel every crash, punch or gunshot as the built-in 5.5” Powersub subwoofer sends vibrations right through you. The two full range ARX high performance speakers create a personal surround sound effect to accelerate your games to the next level. The Sound Rocker works with movies and music too. Connect your iPod or MP3 player and the Sound Rocker fills your room with music at the push of a button. The PM220 is ergonomically designed for support during hours of game play and features a soft padded PVC fabric.”


• 3” Full Range ARX Speakers
• 5.5” Powersub Subwoofer
• iPod/MP3/PSP input and holster
• RCA Audio Inputs
• Headphone Jack
• Volume and Bass Controlls
• RCA Multi-player Audio Outputs
• Folding for easy storage

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