Rattle Me Bones – Top kids games for Christmas 2015

Games giant Drummond Park have released four fantastic games ideal for keeping the kids away from the TV this Christmas. Here’s No. 1 of 4!

Rattle Me Bones (RRP £22.99)

The challenge is for young buccaneers to creep up on him, and with the stealthiest of fingers, try to steal his possessions from right under his nose (if he had one!). But Cap’n Boney is determined to hang on to his precious booty come what may!  If a player falters or makes a clumsy move, he ‘feels’ their touch… and what happens next makes everyone jump out of their skins!  Cap’n Boney rises up, shaking frantically and literally ‘rattling his bones’ – shocking them right out of their turn!

Rattle Me Bones - 3D box and Capn Boney HR

There’s a glittering array of ‘spoils’ up for grabs as play proceeds – including a Dagger, a Sceptre, a Medal, a Gauntlet, a Necklace, a Purse and a Watch.  Each boy or girl spins the spinner in turn and has to oh-so-carefully remove an item from Captain Boney, matching the colour they have spun.  If there are no accessories left of the same colour, the player has to ease a coin from the treasure chest.

Once a player has successfully collected three game pieces (not including gold coins), on their next turn they go straight for the coveted Golden Hat, perched jauntily on Captain Boney’s head.  If they are successful and retrieve the hat – THEY WIN THE GAME!  If not – they have to return all their game pieces and coins to Captain Boney … and play continues.

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

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