Raumfeld One S – Reviewed

The Raumfeld One S is the Pandora’s Box of wireless speakers. Despite being only 18cm wide and 13cm high, the One S manages to deliver some truly astonishing sound. It’s an exceptional gift for any dad this Father’s Day.

Raumfeld One S - Reviewed

Raumfeld was founded in 2008 by two audiophiles, with the goal of creating better digital sound via a wireless multi-room system. In 2010 they partnered with Teufel and their 35 years’ experience creating high end audio systems. There is currently a huge array of audio companies creating wireless multi-room systems, but the key distinction that sets all of Raumfeld’s speakers apart from the crowd is that the wireless technology is completely embedded and embraced from the start; and this shows in the One S.

The design of the enclosure could easily be described as sleek and minimalistic, and the materials used show that this is a high end product. There are 4 rubberised buttons along the top, which allow you to switch between music sources, as well as two volume buttons. On the front of the enclosure are two status LEDs and a power button, all surrounded by a stainless steel stip. The connection ports are on the bottom, and there’s a rubber cap to cover unused ports. Overall, the One S is subtle and sophisticated, and can be incorporated into any room without feeling the need flaunt its stuff and take up valuable space. Picking it up, the device doesn’t feel heavy, but it does feel compact; you can tell that there is a lot of substance crammed into this simple and elegant box.

Raumfeld One S - Reviewed

In terms of performance, the One S features a 2-way coax system plus two 95mm passive bass radiators; together these deliver a powerful bass-driven sound. In any small to mid-sized room the sound travels superbly to fill the room, though as expected with a speaker so small, it doesn’t perform as well in larger rooms. The small speakers deliver great quality highs, mids and lows, and can cater towards a wide range of music. From rock and pop to classical and acoustic, the One S performs exceptionally well with whatever’s thrown at it. Vocals are reproduced crisp and clearly without any distortion, and instrumentals surround you as if you’re right in front of the band.

The most impressive aspect for me, however, is the bass. Such a small device couldn’t possibly be compared with a huge and expensive subwoofer, but thanks to the 50-watt bi-amping technology, the One S delivers dynamic bass that can still bring the house down – or at least my bedside table. When you pump this small critter up to 11, there’s an incredible moment of disbelief as you close your eyes and listen to the gargantuan noise around you, only to open them again to find the One S sitting before you.

Raumfeld One S - Reviewed

As well as streaming from your own private music collection, the One S can also stream from Spotify, Napster, TuneIn, MTV Music, WiMP, and simfy. The Raumfeld app allows for easy integration with all of these services, and multiple users can quickly take control of the device to show off their taste in music.

By installing more than one device around your house, the One S quickly becomes a family-oriented hub of music. The kids can be downstairs listening to the top charts through Spotify, whilst dad can be upstairs streaming FLAC-quality classic rock to the bedroom; and because the One S has a humidity resistant design, it can even be used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Raumfeld One S - Reviewed

The Raumfeld One S is a brilliant taster and serves as a great introduction to the Raumfeld wireless systems, and whether or not it’s working by itself or in conjunction with more devices, it provides breath-taking sound at a very reasonable price. Raumfeld are so confident in their systems that they even offer an 8-week trial period, so you can effectively try-before-you-buy. They also offer personal and professional assistance to all of their customers, providing you with all of the help you need whilst setting up your home system.

If there was anything that I’d describe as a ‘perfect gift’ for Father’s Day, then I think the One S would unquestionably fit the bill. By combining discreet, sleek design with high quality audio components, Raumfeld have succeeded in creating a miniature masterpiece. You can pick one up now from the Teufel Audio website for £199.99, and for a limited time you can buy two for only £349.98.

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