Revell “Big One Next” RC Helicopter

The Revell ‘Big One Next’ is an XXL, ready-to-fly 27MHz remote-control helicopter. It’s aimed at beginner to intermediate flyers and offers a wide and customisable range of settings, so even if you have no experience flying remote control helicopters, you can still get going straight from the box.

Revell "Big One Next" RC Helicopter

As the name implies, the “Big One Next” helicopter is an impressive 60cm long and 25cm high. It’s designed to be flyable outdoors and includes a smart coaxial rotor system including electronic gyro, which allows it to remain stable even whilst flown in mildly windy conditions. The large size and multiple LEDs also allow you keep it in your sights even whilst flying it up to 50 meters away.

The helicopter is very robust, being made out of extremely sturdy and lightweight aluminium, and a light alloy fuselage. Whilst testing it we found ourselves gently crashing it a few times at the start, but it came out relatively unscathed.

The charge time is about 3 hours, which only offers up a slightly disappointing 10 minutes of flight time. This is not a problem with this particular helicopter, but with remote control devices in general. Despite the short flight time, the helicopter is powerful and fast; the exciting 10 minutes you get with the helicopter offers true entertainment for you and your friends, and you will be fighting to have a turn flying it.

Revell "Big One Next" RC Helicopter

The controller includes two sticks, one for height and turning, and one for direction. The controls take a little getting used to if you’ve never flown a helicopter before, but after 5 minutes you’ll feel like a professional. There are also buttons to adjust the trim of flight, making compensating for wind and unpredictable conditions on-the-fly easy. There is also a turbo function, which allows you to up the speed of the helicopter, in exchange for a shorter flight time.

Overall the Revell ‘Big One Next’ helicopter is a good starter kit for any RC enthusiast, and guarantees a great time for any level of skill. Revell Control models are available from and all good toy and model retailers. For details visit

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