Revolutionise How You Cook With The Pressure King Pro Pressure Cooker

There are lots of gadgets and goodies you can add into a kitchen; but, in our opinion, there aren’t many products that have had such an impact on how we cook as the Pressure King Pro. This 12 in 1 pressure cooker uses pressurised steam, in order to seal in nutrients and vitamins while cooking. The result, is a truly fresh flavour when cooking vegetables, juicy meat and great stews (we can’t wait for winter!).

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Intuitive functionality and great design

Our Pressure King Pro sits neatly on our kitchen surface all the time and it’s aesthetically pleasing enough to become a common part of the kitchen. On the front of the unit there are 12 settings which allow for super smart and one-touch cooking. There are 12 pre-programmed settings to make cooking simple: Meat, Rice, Stew, Soup, Porridge, Fish, Steam, Canning, Delay Timer, Fast Re-Heat, and Keep Warm. The Keep Warm button is a DUAL function and also acts as a slow cooker.


As an example, with this device you can cook the perfect greens in only a couple of minutes – simply click the steam button and then select the team for whichever type of green you are cooking. The pressure cooker comes with a handy booklet packed with info on correct cooking times, tips and recipes. The recipes are fantastic and we also tried a few recipes of our own, such as a succulent beef goulash.


Plus, included with this appliance is a steamer tray, spoon, measuring cup, condensation cup, recipe book and user manual. The steamer tray is particularly high quality and has a great non-stick wipe able surface for easy cleaning. We were a little worried about the tray becoming stained and hard to clean, but not at all – it’s a breeze.  The device itself has a massive 5 litre capacity (900 Watts) so you can cook more than enough food for family, friends and probably your neighbour too!

Steam infused, flavour lock technology

So, how does the Pressure King Pro work? The unit is fully sealed before cooking and this creates an airtight lock. The base unit then heats up the food and steam is then genreated in the inner chamber. The steam then infuses with the food to cook it through and the use of steam here results in food which is full of moisture and tenderness. This system essential means your food retains more of its natural goodness than it would through boiling, for example.

Faster cooking times give you the chance to be more creative

Pressure King Pro claim that you can achieve fantastic meals 90% faster than conventional cooking methods. For example, you can do a “slow cooked” and tender brisket in a matter of an hour or so, rather than the typical 6-8hours. We tried this and the results were super tender and delicious – we couldn’t believe the results. For us, this ability to cook dishes that would typically cook longer makes it possible to have a more eclectic home cooking experience. It simply wouldn’t be possible to slow cook anything conventionally after work, but now it is!

IMG_8623Packed full of features

The Pressure King Pro is full of great additions and features, which really make this pressure cooker stand out from the rest and make your life even easier.  A 24 hour delay timer means you can switch the device on in advance and your food will be ready when you get home. Plus, once cooking is complete, a “Keep Warm” mode kicks in to gently keep heat flowing to your food without cooking it. This combination of functions is a game changer and allows you to optimise your eating experience and reduce the amount of time needed to prepare it. Similarly, if you cook something and want to re-heat it, then the device has a fast reheat function.

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