Rubber Duck Fader

Want some fun with your enormous red light saber in the tub! Look no further than Duck Fadar…


To be perfectly honest, you will probably use Duck Fadar once and then consign it to the cupboard under the stairs – but it made me chuckle.

Duck Vadar retails for £6.95 ($12.85) at Firebox who say:

“When I left you I was but a duckling, now I am the mallard.” Yes, we know that sounds utterly bonkers but it’s what happens when you cross a galactic supervillain with a glowing rubber duck.

Duck Fadar is, as you may have determined, an LED-packed rubber duck resembling everyone’s favourite Dark Lord. Simply pop him in the bath and watch in awe as he floats around and automatically phases through various mesmerising colours.

Sounds great 🙂 May the duck be with you!

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