Russell Hobbs Legacy Toaster and Kettle reviewed 

This Christmas you will no doubt know someone who is after a new kettle and toaster set for their home! Well, we were lucky enough to trial the Legacy edition range from market leaders Russell Hobbs.


Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle

Firstly, the kettle comes in a beautiful stainless steel and has a feel of real quality. In addition to this the looping handing makes for a refined and classy look. The styling of this range means that any of the products will sit beautifully in most kitchens. 


9151ADPBgzL._SL1500_ On a practical note the kettle has a really snazzy “rapid boil zone” for 1-3 mugs full. This fast zone takes a very short time to boil (about 55 seconds or so), therefore making it a great buy for those on the go. There are even handy read paddles in the centre of the kettle showing you how many cups your water load will provide. A perfect pour spout also means that nothing is spilled and your cup can be filled easily.

This kettle is 3000w and can hold a modest 1.7 litres of water. Plus, a feature we like, is easy cable concealment so as to sit neatly on your work surface.

This is one of the best performing and most elegant kettles you can get for its price range. A must buy! 

Russell Hobbs Legacy Toaster

The Legacy edition toaster combines the ranges classy, vintage style look and high performance.  In fact, Russell Hobbs claim that this new toaster toasts 48% faster than their previous model. This makes it the perfect partner for the speedy kettle.



We tried the two slice version, but you can also get a 4 slice machine. The device has wider slots than other toasters, therefore making it suitable for thicker cuts of breads and tea cakes. A really slick device, the toast came out perfectly even and in good time.

Available in cream, black, silver and red from Amazon

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