Salter Go Healthy Electric Soup Maker Reviewed

Autumn is upon us and Winter isn’t too far away – that means it’s time to ditch the salads for lunch and pick up a delicious, hearty and warming soup! Salter have created a 1.6 litre soup maker that gives you the power to whip up top soups in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want them to be healthy or hearty, the Salter Go Healthy Electric Soup Maker provides a one stop solution to your soup needs!

This sleek looking device is super simple to operate, easy to clean and the results are fantastic! The maker has four preset functions that streamlines the process. The functions include “smooth” for making a silkier soup and “chunky” for a soup with a bit more texture. Simply place the ingredients or vegetables into the stainless-steel jug, add a stock cube or pot and then add water to the fill line (there is also an overfill sensor built in!). Once done, simply press the button and let the machine do its thing.

The machine kicks into action by blending (with the blending blade) the soup to the consistency you have requested (smooth or chunky) and the heating of the soup will then begin.

Soup takes roughly 30 minutes to prepare and make within the Salter Go Healthy Electric Soup Maker, but the results are worth waiting for. Plus, it’s all super safe, easy and you can leave the soup maker to carry out its work safe in the knowledge there will be no burning or electrical issues. Along with the product, you also receive a handy book of recipes to help you kick start your soup making. We also had real fun throwing in ingredients and experimenting, such as potato and leek, or squash and red chillies.

As well as the smooth and chunky functions, there is an auto-cleaning feature and a blend function. If we are honest, the auto-cleaning function was the only let down here, as the cleaning didn’t really do much to budge stubborn soup stains.

You can purchase your Salter Go Healthy Electric Soup Maker from Amazon or the Salter Cook Shop. The box contains 1 x Lid with Blender Blade, 1 x Stainless Steel Jug, 1 x AC Power Cord, 1 x Instruction Manual.

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