Salter LED Colour Changing Glass Kettle Reviewed

A sleek glass and metal design make this a versatile kettle design wise and we can see it sitting pretty in most modern kitchens. When not in use, the kettle emits a pleasant blue glow from the onboard LEDs. At the flick of a switch the kettle can be urged in to action and a red light marks the start of the boiling process. Stylish and elegant, Salter seem to have created something with great presence.

The 2200W kettle comes with a 1.7 litre capacity which is enough for around 8 standard cups. Boiling time is OK, although perhaps not the fastest kettle we have used.

Sat on a 360° swivel base, the kettle is ideal for both right-handed users and left-handed users.  Additional features include an auto-shut off feature when the kettle is accidentally put on when dry and Strix control.

If you live in a hard water area then be prepared to descale every 3-4 weeks, as the build up of limescale does become visible over time. Within the kettle there is a limescale filter, so that you can rest assured you will never get any in your morning cup of tea.

The Salter LED Colour Changing Kettle can be purchased from Amazon or you can find out more details on the Salter website.

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