Samsung SCH-A990 Camera Phone

We reviewed earlier this month the Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone which sports an excellent Cybershot 3.2 megapixel camera. I was a little unsure as to just how many other cameraphones were even close to matching this for photographic quality. Most of the current crop of camera cell phones seem to be in the 2 megapixel range.

However, it appears that Samsung are about to join the 3 megapixel club with the Samsung SCH-A990 which according to camera phones review, sports some of the “best photos we’ve seen from a cameraphone” however the review goes on to say “video captures looked murkey and choppy, and the camera application slowed to a crawl while storing large images files.” These problems do not seem to afflict the Sony Ericsson to anything like the same degree.


Nonetheless, it’s interesting to observe all the major cameraphone manufacturers rapidly shifting up the gears in terms of truly viable camera/phone convergence.

My money is still with the Sony Ericsson I’m afraid.

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