Sengled Pulse Solo LED Light Bulb and Bluetooth Speaker Reviewed

Imagine having control over lighting levels in a room and also having the choice of playing music from the very same source. The Sengled Pulse Solo offers this dual functionality and we love it.


Packing LED light and a speaker into the same device is a neat trick. The bulb is fully controllable and light levels can be dimmed to suit your needs.

This is a very easy device to install and is pretty much plug and play. To sync up your phone with the bulbs light mechanism, simply download the app and you are away. To control the sound, simply search for the device on your Bluetooth screen. Easy peasy!


Sound quality is ok, overall. The bulb comes with a 3 watt JBL stereo sound left and right output, which is relatively clear and with decent bass. At the upper volume levels quality deteriorates a little and the upper volume isn’t as high as we would have liked.

One of the main issues we had with the bulb was its size. Quite simply, it is a very tall unit and it didn’t fit into bedside lamps as easily as we would have liked. For some users, this might just make the bulb unusable, so we would recommend anyone considering the bulb to check the size before purchasing.


However, on the whole, the Sengled Pulse Solo bulb is a fantastic addition to any living room, bedroom or dining room. For example, imagine a room where you can walk in and control the light level precisely. Plus, you then have the ability to play music to your guests with only the touch of a button. This device really opens up your home and releasing new purpose to each room. A great purchase, with good levels of performance and reliability as standard. Great buy.

Sengled’s full product range is available now at: All bulbs are available in E27 and B22 fitting.

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