Shadow Wireless Earphones By SOL Republic Reviewed

SOL Republic have a history of creating aesthetically impressive and super stylish audio equipment. Back in 2013 we featured their Tracks HD headphones and we were quite impressed! With the set of Shadow Wireless Earphones they have not only carried on this trend of creating jaw droppingly gorgeous headphones, but they have also managed to jump on the ever more popular wireless band wagon.

At just under £100, these are pushing into super premium earphone territory and therefore we had high expectations when we started trialling them. Did they live up to our expectations, yes they most certainly did…


Comfortable and great fit

Over a period of a week or so, we put the Shadow Wireless Earphones through their paces. Whether it be travelling or vigorous exercise, these earphones faced it all. Throughout the trial the one that that remained constant was the comfort and snug fit. According to the brand, they are “designed to be an extension of your body and style, [and] its flexible biomorphic neckband rests comfortably around your neck.” For us, this was certainly the case and the band sat fairly weightlessly to the point we sometimes forgot it was there.


The design is also fantastic with a sleek look and an ultra-modern minimalist design. Smooth curves, very few buttons and a high-quality finish are the order of the day.

However, for us, it the comfort and neat fit which makes these earphones stand out from the competitors. We have tried quite a few pairs and the SOL Republic earphones seem to have the balance correct when it comes to lightweight design, comfort and functionality.

Sound and connectivity

The sound is impressive. The earphones achieve, low, rich bass and there is a good clarity throughout. Are they better than your wired earphones? We would say they are as good and if not better than most. We were really impressed. The natural shape of the earphones also meant that a lot of external sound is reduced, but it is not completely eradicated.

Connectivity is a doddle with the device, as the on-board multi-Bluetooth connections means you can connect to two devices and easily switch between. The range of the earphones is good and the connection is maintained at a strong and consistent level. The result is uninterrupted sound.

Additional features

The few buttons you do find on the device include a handy microphone with a 3 button remote, allowing for you to take calls and hang up easily. Plus, you can also adjust volume, stop, skip and start your music at the touch of a button.


Battery life operated at around 7 hours of use for us, so this is just shy of the 8 hours the brand suggests, but not too far off. This seems to be the typical level of battery support available to most earphones at this level. We are still awaiting earphones which can last for up to a full day or a long-haul flights worth of time, but maybe that is asking too much!

As has also become standard amongst earphones of the same price, the Shadow Wireless are also waterproof and sweat-proof. Making working out easy and worry free.

Priced at £99 and available now.

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