Sims 3 Pets Xbox 360 review

All the fun of a pet, but without the hair or poo….!

In short, Sims 3 Pets, the new release from Electronic Arts is addictive fun, but the game is much more than that.

To start with, players with Kinect can take control of their pets and Sims by voice commands, telling your Sim dog to sit is very rewarding – and also very funny when your real life version does the same!


There are over 100 breeds of dog and cat and these can be customised. The possibilities are endless. You can also determine your pets character with different traits – intelligent, friendly, proud or playful, adventurous and aggressive.

Once you have created your perfect Sims pet, you can immerse yourself in the Sims world.

You can now use your pet to explore towns seeking out treasures or you can just be the single chap in the park, using your cute pet to pick up ladies!
It is the endless possibilities of this game which will appeal. Just how long you spend in the Sim world cannot be measured. Just creating the pet is an enjoyable and lengthy experience.

With the added bonus of actually being able to control your pet on screen gives this game another dimension.

This is a great Sims release, perfect for Christmas. True to the saying `a dog is for life not just Christmas`, Sims 3 Pets will be played with and loved long after the festive period is over.

Best Sims release yet?

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