Sony’s Alpha Male Digital Camera

When looking for that Iconic Gift it can become terribly difficult to figure out which way to go. Personally I’m happy as larry whatever I’m lucky to receive and never expect anything – which I think is important. But if you do feel like lavishing something really special and have a reasonably deep pocket then I don’t think you can go far wrong with a top of the range digital camera. After all, I know that some of the most precious items I possess are photographs. Am I alone in that, probably not I imagine.

The leaders in digital photography have traditionally been Canon and Nikon and we reviewed the excellent Nikon Coolpix S6 here. However, their powerbases maybe about to receive a slight knock when Sony launches the new Alpha 100.


This baby is a super powerful 10 megapixel camera (bearing in mind my current digital camera is around 5 megapixels and your average camera phone is around 2 megapixels – that gives you some idea of what we’re talking about here).

It will incorporate Sony’s first ever interchangeable digital SLR (single lens reflex), and has been engineered specifically with amateurs in mind – great touch. Some of the claims doing the rounds are saying that this will really make your pictures look professional but I think we all know that it takes a little more than point and shoot to produce a classy picture. Still with features like these it’s going to undoubtedly improve your photography:

  • Automatic focus
  • Anti dust sensor
  • Steady Shot anti shake system which removes camera wobble – what a mouthful
  • Crisp shots with high zoom
  • Bright 2.5 inch screen clearly displays your efforts
  • Over 20 bespoke lenses, including telephoto, wide angle and zoom
  • Apparently it is compatible with existing Konica Minolta Dynax lenses engineered for the 35mm SLR cameras – check this out before you buy as we this seems as unconfirmed claim

It’s going to retail for around $1,100 (£699) with a lens, which is at least a couple hundred dollars cheaper than other competing models. I’m really tempted by this myself and I’m sure it would make a great gift but it’s gonna take quite a bit for me to switch from the Nikon Coolpix S6. Let battle commence!

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