Stormtrooper Replica Costume

If you’re a Star Wars fan just think how cool it would be to dress up in a bona fide Stormtrooper costume, fulfilling all those star wars fantasies. No. Just me then!

Nonetheless, even if you’re not a Star Wars fan you have got to marvel at the quality of this replica.


Perfect for fancy dress or just having a laugh.

Firebox describe it as follows:

“Forget about half-baked fantasies. Because now, for the first time ever, you can transform yourself into a genuine Imperial Stormtrooper. And when we say genuine we really mean it. Because almost 30 years after prop-maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios created the original iconic white outfit, you can own a ludicrously collectable 1:1 replica, including a helmet that has been made using the original 1976 movie moulds. Yes, the actual moulds! Shepperton have started hand-crafting these Stormtrooper suits for fans to wear or display at home.

Making rival replica outfits seem about as convincing as Hayden Christensen’s acting, these armour/helmet combos are the most accurate reproductions of the originals ever produced. And because the helmets are first generation facsimiles they feature the same idiosyncrasies as the original. If these aren’t the outfits you’re looking for, we don’t know what are!

Banned from public transport for “pulling out his blaster” Each spectacularly sleek get-up has been produced using tough 2mm acrylic-capped ABS to withstand all the wear and tear of ‘Trooping’ events. (Whatever they are). Wear this outfit to a fancy dress party and guests will run for cover for fear of you pulling out your blaster.”

Sounds great and I reckon it might just become a collectable, although the price tag is a hefty £1,299.95 ($2,400).

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