Stylish Tech Accessories For Smartphones From PNY

Rose gold is very much still the “in” thing, so we think you may love these gadgets from PNY! The sleek ALU Rose Gold power pack and the Metallic Lighting cable are two hand bag ready tech accessories you should NOT be without!

PNY PowerPack ALU 2500 Rose Gold

Getting stuck with no battery on your phone is one of the biggest pains of living in the modern world. Never do you feel so cut off from the world and never do you feel more helpless than when your smartphone decides enough is enough and switches off. So, you may be looking for a battery pack that can save your bacon on the go? Well, if you are, then you may be even more interested to read about the ALU 2500 from PNY, as it is credit card sized, discreet and also stylish too!

This ultra-thin credit card design rechargeable power pack offers enough power for around half a charge to a whole charge (depending on your device). This is just enough to order that taxi home or to make that important call. The slim design means the device fits in coat pockets, bags and even purses – therefore, it is ideal for almost any journey.

Also available in silver!

The device is charged using a micro-USB cable and it is fitted with a universal USB output. Ideal for phones and great on the go, but we would suggest that the device might struggle to live up to the same performance with a more power hungry tablet.

PNY Metallic Lightning Cable Rose Gold 

If you are an iPhone user and you are looking to upgrade your standard, boring white iPhone lightning cable, then this sleek alternative is a must buy. The PNY 4ft Metallic Lightning Charge and Sync Cables are suitable for most Apple products (newer ones, obviously) and they look amazing!

Thanks to a flexible design, the cable is also immune from bunching, tangling and those pesky knots. Therefore you can pop it in your bag without worrying about having to faff around when you need to use it. It’s also very high quality and feels like it will go the distance, quite unlike Apple’s own cables, which sometimes give up the ghost and fall apart.

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