Summer Festival and Camping Guide 2016

This Summer Festival and Camping Guide showcases a small selection of our favourite products available this Summer. Whether you need a solar panel charger for your smartphone or the leading water bottle, we have it all covered here!

Lidl’s Folding Solar Panel (£29.99)

One of the biggest issues with long camping stints away (especially at a festival), is the inability to access a power point. After all, some of the moments you are experiencing need Instagramming or sharing on Facebook, but how can you do that if your phone is out of juice by 6pm on the first night? Well Lidl are offering a great value solution this summer and we can vouch that it definitely works.


This handy solar panel folds into a neat A4 size package and is equipped with 2 USB ports that can be used to charge a smartphone, ebook or a tablet. The power is created by 4 social cells which can be neatly laid out in the sun. Obviously this relies on a good supply of sun and on cloudy day you might be waiting sometime to get any energy back into the device. However, if the sun is roaring, then you will be able to achieve a strong level of charging and your phone will be back online.

The panels also have small amount of storage space to keep your cables or even some earphones in. For under £30 this is an absolute life saver and definitely worth a buy.

Hydro Flask 21 OZ (£23.95)

If you are looking for the ultimate flask take with you camping or to a festival this Summer, then the award winning Hydro Flask is a must-have. This sleek looking stainless steel vacuum insulated flask keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot – what more could you want? In our tests the flasks kept the hot liquid at pretty much the same temperature for over 4 hours and then this began to fade at 6. Also, with the cold drinks, there was very little temperature change even after 24 hours in a hot car. This temperature maintenance comes from Hydro Flask’s patented TempShield, which ensures the bottle is 100% vacuum sealed and heat loss/heat gain is kept to a minimum.

Aside, from the great performance, the bottle also has a fantastic stainless steel build and there is a feeling of real quality. Whether you are going on a hike, camping in a field or going to a festival, this is the flask for you. Find out more here. 

Tech 21 Evo Xplorer Case iPhone6/6s (£79.95)

Festivals and camping can pose a series of problems and worries for smartphone users. The threat of dropping your phone on rocky ground, getting it soaked or possibly getting dirt in the workings are all real perils for everyone. The Tech 21 Xplorer case is more than a match for these challenging conditions and you are guaranteed to come out with your device in one piece.


Firstly, the case is fully sealed, therefore making it impervious to dust, mud, sand and even snow. But, even more impressive than that, the case is waterproof to 3m/9.9ft for up to an entire hour, therefore making it great for a British Summer! To establish the seal all you have to do is follow a few simple instructions, flip the SecureClip and the case is then watertight.


In addition to the case’s fab seal, the Evo Xplorer also utilises Tech 21’s FlexShock technology, which gives the case protection of impacts up to 2m/6.6ft. This case really is great for being out and about. What is also impressive is how slim the case is compared to competitors who offer the same protection – it’s actually practical for day-to-day use too.

Overall, the case feels high quality, is designed well and we feel confident that it does what it says on the tin. Plus, it’s quite a smart case, as it’s protection capabilities do not impact too much on your phones speaker and sound eminates fairly well. Find out more here.

Urbanista Melbourne Bluetooth Speaker (£59.99)

The Urbanista Melbourne Bluetooth Speaker is compact, powerful and stylish, therefore making it a great addition to any festival or camping set up. The Melbourne is actually slim enough to fit in most pockets and even though it’s small, it will still provide you with tent filling sound. The sound is clear and crisp, with a decent bass for the size of the unit. Plus, the Bluetooth 4.0 connection didn’t drop out and was easy to hook up. We were pretty impressed!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.18.54

On the practical side, two hours of charging will give the speaker a hefty 6 hour lifespan, therefore making it last more than enough for a few campfire songs. Plus, it is splash proof (IPX4 certified), so if you leave it out in the rain it should be able to stand a little bit of a soaking. It’s nice to know the speaker takes a little bit of a splash, but it’s not something we were brave enough to try! If you need to take a call when you are on your travels, then you can also take advantage of the onboard microphone too. Once again, the speaker has a deceptive amount of onboard tech for its size.


A great all rounder and a stylish performer, the Melbourne is great for camping, around the home and on the go. We love it. Melbourne comes in black, white, blue petroleum and rose gold. It is available from for £59.00.

GHOST Girl Crush 30ml (£25) 

Every lady likes to try and smell great when camping, even though a lack of facilities and amenities can sometimes make this an uphill struggle! Fortunately, GHOST has released a brand new fragrance and its perfect for the Summer season. This neat bottle is full of fresh fruity notes such as raspberry and pomegranate. If you or a lady in your life wants a new fragrance for the festival season, then this is certainly up there. It comes in 30ml and is in a slim(ish) bottle, therefore making it great to stowaway in handbags or rucksacks. Fun, fresh and fruity – the ideal Summer fragrance to keeping you smelling fab all summer. Available for £25 from Superdrug.


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