Summer Travel Accessory Guide 2016

Seeing new parts of the world and visiting new places is one thing guaranteed to give you a buzz, lasting memories and a real sense of achievement. However, with travelling comes long journeys and all the problems that can arise with that.

This guide provides some of our favourite products on the market this Summer to help you on your way. Whether you are need a chic speaker for your travels or a way to freshen up jeans on the go, then this guide will be able to help.

Groov-e Solar Power Bank 6000 mAh (£49.99)

If you are off on your holiday or of on a trip around the world, then you are hopefully going to be coming across places with a lot of sun. If so, then this Groov-e Solar power pack will give your phone/tablet the energy it needs on the go.

Solar Bank 2

This device comes with a solar panel on its face and this collects all of the solar goodness and then converts it to usable energy. The charging time when using the solar panel is claimed to be 35 hours when in direct sunlight; however, this will extend slightly when overcast or the sun is weaker.

To help charging, the bank also comes with a carabiner to help fix it to your back pack too. Plus, with this solar panel power bank, you can also connect via USB for a quick charge from the wall or a laptop. This gives the pack two great options for charging, the traditional tech charge or charging via the sun.


Once fully charged, we found the pack gave an iPhone approximately 2 charges, which will give you great peace of mind when you are out and about. The pack doesn’t just charge iPhones; thanks to a collection of different accessories you can also charge tablets, other smartphones, e-readers, cameras and GPS systems.

It retails at £49.99 and is available from or Amazon.

EMIE Radio Bluetooth Speaker ($49.99 from US)

Now, how about this radio style speaker for an elegant way to add tunes to your travels? This minimalist radio comes complete with a wooden texture that is unique to each unit.  Ideal for travel, the speaker is compact, light and sturdy too. Also, it really is pocket sized and has only a single button for simple, intuitive use.

The Emie Radio is a no frills speaker, but it’s simplicity is endearing and charming.


The sound is also strong, albeit it not booming – with fairly good crisp trebles and hints of bass too. Fear not, the speaker is as practical as it is pretty, as it switches off after half an hour of use and comes with an anti-slip base to keep it in position. Onboard the power is provided by a 520 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery and this will give you a few (3-4) hours of music quite easily.


This is the perfect speaker to stowaway in your backpack and pop up on a dressing table when you arrive at the hotel. It’s classy, it sounds great and it’s uber practical too. Plus, when you get home, this speaker is ideal for the kitchen, living room or, in fact, any room in the house.

The speaker can be ordered easily from the Emie website and shipped to the UK, $49.99. Please also see our Emie Summer guide here.

Haven Backpack 15” Laptop Bag (£74.95)

Featuring generous storage space and superior tech protection, the Haven backpack is the perfect travel companion for you and your tech.


The SlingTech system ensures that your laptop is always suspended off the bottom of the bag, whilst the integrated cable routing means easy phone and tablet charging, keeping your bag cable tangle free. The cushioned back panel features a 3D foam core with soft mesh and the central air channel provides extra comfort whenever you are carrying your gear. We are hoping to conduct a full review of the bag in the very near future, so keep your eyes out for that.

X-Doria Defense Lux iPhone Case (£29.99)

Travelling can be a dangerous time for your smartphone. Whether you are just walking through an airport or trekking through the mountain hills, there is always a chance your precious iPhone could slip from your pocket or hand and crash to the ground. The result can often be scratches, dents and even cracks to the aluminium shell. However, with the X-Doria Defense Lux case, we think you might be just fine.

Defense Lux Series_1920x850

The Defense Lux offers military-grade protection in a stylish and sophisticated form. The slim line case can be dropped from heights of 2 metres and your phone should be perfectly fine. Additionally, the soft leather case gives the feeling of luxury, whilst behind the scenes a protective rubber layer and aluminium frame is protecting your device. The case is robust and good on the eye too, so it’s great not just for travelling but also day to day use. There is also a good amount of screen clearance on the case, meaning that if you drop it face down the screen will not come in contact with the floor and crack.


The X-Doria Defense Lux range is now available for iPhone 6 and 6s in Purple Impression, Blue Impressions, Rose Gold, Carbon black, Carbon Silver, Black Leather or Brown Croc from Amazon, RRP £29.99.

Mr Black Denim Refresh

One of the biggest issues with travelling (and especially long distance travelling), is the feeling that you need a wash and need to feel fresh. Mr Black have created a super smart formula to help rejuvenate denim and to keep your jeans fresh and smelling fantastic.

This spray on formula contains an antibacterial and biodegradable solution, which works on the bacteria in your denim to give it a new lease of freshness.

The spray gives an instant boost of freshness and also will help extend the lifespan of your jeans by keeping them clean. It does so by targeting the natural oils and dirt which longer on jeans after a long wear – by removing these your jeans can stay clean and also last a little longer.

Also, the spray can be used to remove less stubborn stains easily.  However, be warned, the product smells amazing and you may find yourself using Mr Black Denim Refresh on your jeans everyday. We love it. Find out more here.


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