Superb Smart Home Security From Smanos

Over the last few years home security and smart technology have converged to work in a beautiful harmony. Now there are tonnes of smart home security systems which allow you to monitor the safety of your home from an app.

Fortunately, we were lucky enough to try one such system from market leaders Smanos. The W100 Telecommunicating/ Wi-Fi enable Intruder Alarm offers dual network security with simplicity at its heart.


W100 – Telecommunicating/Wi-Fi Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit

At the heart of the system is an LED screen and hub, which connect directly to your phone line and/or Wi-Fi network. The super slick LED screen and touch panel work intuitively and should fit the aesthetics of most homes. We love the look of the system and the panel itself works perfectly well and is easy to use. You can use the device panel to arm the system, or you can download and use the smart Smanos app. From the app you can easily arm and disarm the system. This allows you to secure your home as you leave the house and enable easy access on your return.


 What are the types of sensors and do they work?

The W100 set comes also with a selection of additional accessories. Including two handy key fob style remote controls, so you can disable the system when you come in. Plus, in the box you will find the following:

  • WiFi/Phone Line Alarm System ×1
  • MD2300 Wireless PIR Motion Detector ×1
  • DS2300 Wireless Door/Window Contact ×1
  • RE2300 Wireless Remote Control ×2

The motion detector, window contact and remote controls all work seamlessly out of the box and take almost no time to set up. The motion detector sits neatly up in high corners and works day and night. Whereas the window contact can be placed on any susceptible points of entry and works very well indeed.

Should the alarm be triggered there is an ear piercing sound and this should be enough to deter and scare off most intruders. But, that is not all…

What happens if an alarm is triggered?

Once you trigger the system and the alarm system begins, you will receive a smartphone notification anywhere in the world, allowing you to take the necessary action. Also, the dual network functionality means that the PSTN phone line connection will work in the case of power failure or Wi-Fi malfunction. This means that yourself or a nominated family member will receive a voice call if the alarm is triggered in this instance. This dual action system means you are always going to be alerted to danger and able to protect your home.

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Up to six phone numbers can be preprogrammed for emergency notifications and the alarm controller communicates with its detectors and sensors on proprietary 868MHz or 915MHz, making all signal transmissions stable and interference-free.

A great system and well worth the price. All of this is available from Maplin for £159.99. That is not much to spend for peace of mind and a safe home.

iP6 HD Wi-Fi Camera 

The iP6 HD Wi-Fi camera is another smart device from Smanos and is supposed to neatly sync with the W100 App. To get started, you have to “download the App by searching “IP6 camera” from App Store or Google Play or just scan our QR code in the package’s back. Then follow the steps and add the camera into your App.”


It did take us quite some time and effort to get the camera to sync up. It just didn’t seem to sync as easily as we thought it would and the app wasn’t picking up that the camera was active. However, after some perseverance, the app did pick it up and we were away.

The microphone is a really handy feature indeed and allows for communication with family members who may accidentally trip the alarm.

Super Wide Angle, Super Coverage Day & Night 

The device looks great, is slim and sits nicely on any surface. But that is not all, the camera comes with a SONY IMX238 image sensor and a wide-angle 5-megapixel lens. The field of vision is also great and the wide angle lens means most of the room can be viewed from a single spot. Plus, we found the camera to work well in both high light and low light, with the camera adapting to different light levels easily.

Two-way audio for versatile sound

One great feature of the camera is two-way audio. A lot of cameras we have tried rely on one-way audio and the addition of two way audio makes it easy to check in on family members, pets or children. This works particularly well and noise reduction means that this highly sensitive microphone can hear you up to 5 metres away. It worked for us each and every time, top points here for the iP6.


Reliable and consistent performance

Worldwide reach with next-gen processing power and Amazon server hosting, smanos IP6 reliably delivers the view that matters the most to you, with options to allow for simultaneous viewing by multiple users.

Find out more about the ip6 here.

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