SureFlap, The Number 1 Gift For Cat Lovers This Christmas

SureFlap may just be the number one gift this Christmas for cat lovers. Many households have a cat as a pet, and with SureFlap, a high tech microchip cat flap, those little felines will possess their very own `door key`.

The problem that occurs with your average cat flap is the annoyance of being plagued by other intruder cats! Not only do these pesky cats get into your humble abode, but they are more than likely to eat your own cat`s food….how rude. Even worse, if you get a stray tom cat into your house, they are quite likely to spray! Yes, I know, disgusting. Your poor little pet cat will end up being terrified within their own home.

What is unique about the SureFlap, is that it can recognise a cat’s individual microchip, and will therefore only open for cats whose identity is stored. Another huge benefit of the SureFlap is that the cat does not have to wear an irritating collar, and this is highly recommended by Vets.


So how exactly does it work? SureFlap state:-

“SureFlap is the first multi-format microchip operated cat flap, compatible with all microchip types commonly used in cats, and is easy to programme. Just press the button to put in to ‘learn’ mode and then encourage the pet to come through the flap for some food – the job is done!”

Yes, it really is as simple as that. And if you are a major cat lover, who owns many of them, there is no need to worry. The SureFlap can be programmed to recognise up to 32 cats! That`s a lot of cats.

When looking for a cat flap double glazing and cat flaps in glass can be a bit of an issue. However, if you`re a dab hand at DIY, the SureFlap really is quite easy to fit. I have fitted one into my Nan`s PVC door (or should I say my Fiancé has). She is so impressed by it, and is comforted knowing that none of her neighbours cats will be letting themselves in. Not only can the SureFlap be fitted on a PVC door, but it can also be used in wooden, glass and metal doors, it is incredibly versatile. Once fitted, the SureFlap looks extremely smart with its clean design, looks really modern and not out of place.

SureFlap is available from vets, independent pet shops, and online retailers and is priced at £81.99. It is compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips and works of 4 AA batteries. For more information visit

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