Tea Wedding Favours

Having been to several weddings over the last 6 months, I can testify to the rather unimaginative wedding favours some couples dream up. That’s why I was quite interested by the concept of Tea Wedding favours.


The Leaf Shop offer rather sleek little tea favours for around £1.10 – £1.50 each (Great for keeping your budget down). They can even be personalised – although this does cost extra.

The matchbox sized tins can be filled with your choice of teas and herbals, complete with bespoke label displaying the happy couple`s name and wedding date. Your guests can treat it as a rather nice momento or brew up a tastey cuppa.

The Leaf Shop say:

“Why not try black tea scented with rose petals – a subtly sweet, aromatic black tea scented in China the traditional way using the most romantic flower in the world – rose. The tealeaves are mixed together using rose petals and then separated with sieving so only a few petals remain. It tastes darkly delicious naked, or dressed up with a dash of milk. For the fragrant scent and taste of summer, Leaf`s green tea scented with Osmanthus blossom is a refreshing sweet treat. This local speciality from the Chinese Province of Guangxi, of which the Osmanthus tree is also native, blooms in the temperate months of September and October. An exotic, light and breezy tea that`s enticingly fruity on the palate.”


Leaf`s tasty green tea pearls scented with jasmine (RRP £1.50) are as luxurious as green tea gets. Small but perfectly formed, each pearl is hand-rolled using only the youngest, most nutritious and tastiest leaves and buds and scented with jasmine flowers in an artisan process that involves repeating the method up to seven times.


Wedding favours can be filled with up to a choice of 12 different teas – ranging from Darjeeling and Oolong, and even black tea scented with lychee – as well as eight different infusions, including jasmine scented green tea flowers, peppermint, camomile and balancing Ayurveda.

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