Tech21 Evo Wallet Active Edition Case for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Reviewed

On first glance, the Evo Wallet Active Case offers a great balance between practicality, protection and functionality. Plus, it sits neatly in the hand, it looks fantastic and it offers storage for all of your cards. However, there is also some great technology going on behind the scenes!

Practical and proven impact protection

As with all of the Tech21 cases we have had the pleasure of trying, the fit to the phone is super snug and tight. It’s always a panic to see a case not quite fitting a device, as it usually compromises the protection. Fortunately, on this occasion, the Evo Wallet Active Case does not come a cropper here!

Tech21 utilise a unique technology in their cases called FlexShock. This trademarked technology promises “ultra-efficient” impact absorption and impact absorbing materials. Comprised of 3-layers, the system reduces the impact of a fall and transfers away the shock from your device. Tech21 claim this to be effective for a 3m/9.9ft drop protection, therefore meaning you are highly unlikely to drop it on the go and result in damage to your device. Unless of course you drop it off of a bridge or a similarly high structure – if this happens, you know that no protective case will be good enough to save your phone!

FlexShock is also unique in a sense that the triple layer protection does not add huge amounts of bulk. Some cases offer similar impact protection; however, they can be very chunky and cumbersome. The Evo Wallet Active Case is slender enough for most pockets and handbags!

Slick design and detachable storage gives this case another dimension

With a card slot concealed in Evo Wallet Active’s detachable cover, your cards are kept secure and easily accessible. The removable nature of the storage accessory allows you to pop this in a different pocket, should you wish (and we don’t know why you would do this) to not take your phone with you. Plus, it is easy to remove thanks to a discreet clipping system!

A great addition to the additional storage part of the case is the microfiber lining, which provides a nice element of protection for your phone on the go. A great touch!

Designed to work perfectly with your iPhone Lighting Dock, there is no need to faff around with the case when you need to charge. I mention that because poor design when it comes to power and auxiliary ports is a HUGE bug-bear of mine!  Also, so that you can give your phone a quick clean or switch between cases without causing any damage, they have designed Evo Wallet Activeto be easy to install and remove.

The case comes in two colours and is available from Tech21 for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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