The Best Dog Present – The Tornado

The Company of Animals have yet again brought us more products that are useful to your pets needs.

We have previously covered health and Safety, with the CLIX seatbelt for dogs and comfort with the snug fit Equafleece. Now it`s time for some fun.


The Dog Tornado is one of a series of doggy games that are designed to stimulate a dog`s mind. They have been designed by Nina Ottoson and are available at The Company of Animals site . Prices start from £19.99.

The idea behind the ‘Dog Tornado’ is for the dog to dislodge the removeable bones, then turn the revolving sections to reveal hidden treats.

The Tornado has many variables to increase the level of difficulty as the dog`s skill improves. With a little practise, he will soon learn to dislodge the bones and turn the Tornado to access the rewards.

Nina Ottosons games all have the same theme, removeable bones ensure a treat discovery.

I tried the Tornado with a playful Jack Russell. I do not know who had more fun…It was a success from the off. Now that the game has become more
familiar, taking the Tornado out of the cupboard has the same effect as taking out the walkies lead.

With Christmas coming, do not forget your faithful friend. Every Dog deserves one of these this Christmas!

A wonderful pet product.

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