The Gtech ST05 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer – Best strimmer?

Recently, I set about the laborious task of strimming the garden. I live in the country side and the garden is quite large. I started at the top of the lane with my generic petrol strimmer and rather quickly had to feed more line out. It`s meant to be an auto feed, but never works so I have to manually feed the line through.

This can take a while and can be incredibly frustrating. Halfway down the lane, I ran out of wire. Carelessly, I left my strimmer in the lane and went to get more strimmer line.

When I returned to the strimmer, I was met by a sheepish looking postman, who had just run it over and completely destroyed it (my fault).

Amazingly, the postie was actually delivering the new Gtech ST05 garden trimmer. What an entrance…


It`s quite symbolic too, because after trialling the ST05, I am sure that this amazing piece of garden kit will go on and destroy many conventional garden strimmers.

Gtech are getting a name for themselves when it comes to producing functional electrical items. (Check out IG`s review of the Gtech AirRam, the home sweeper that will be getting Mr Dyson worried). The ST05 is to gardening what the AirRam is to the home.

So why is it so good?

It`s as light as a feather (1.5kg)

It`s dead easy to use and extends to fit your build

It`s cordless. Using a powerful 14.4 V Li-Ion battery with charge time of three hours / run time of 30 mins

The replacement blades click into place instantly (no more annoying manual line feeds)

It is powerful enough to handle the most overgrown of gardens.

It delivers a supreme finish, trimming and edging simply and effectively.

The trimmer is so good, Consumer research watchdog, Which? has awarded the prestigious Best Buy status to the British designed trimmer. It scored a robust 76% with high scores for overall performance, vertical cutting, horizontal cutting on lawn edges, and horizontal cutting on hard edges.

Want a better strimmer? Want a no fuss strimmer? Want an easy to use Strimmer? You need the GT05!

Available from Gtech priced £69.95

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