The Most Fun Hard Drive, LifeStudio Mobile Plus.

A hard drive is a hard drive, right?


Not any more, not now we have the LifeStudio Mobile Plus from Hitachi. This little (good looking) beast is simply awesome.

As a hard drive, it`s simply plug in and watch it do what it should. Easy as can be. With over 465 GB available space, the capacity is not in doubt.

But the Lifestudio is more than a back up option. It will become your PC PA. It will arrange all your photos, videos and music into one location, and then display on a virtual 3D wall.

Scrolling through all your fun bits is most rewarding. And, of course, the Lifestudio is a social little gadget too, any file can be uploaded to the likes of Facebook, Flickr or Picasa with a simple click of the mouse.

Available in platinum or graphite, the stylish LifeStudio is at home in any room in the house. Or, the matching removable USB key allows you to take the content anywhere to share with friends and family.

For more details and a demo of the LifeStudio Mobile Plus, check out the website.

I love this hard drive. To call it a hard drive is an injustice. It provides the best way to store and view all your photos and music. It has been designed to be user friendly, so even technophobes like me can use and navigate pretty much straight away.

Every PC should have one.

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