The New Braun Multi Groomer Reviewed

Braun have led the way over the last few years in the male grooming technology market and their latest range of products aim to carry on that trend. The range sees products ranging from body grooming devices to trimmers come together to celebrate what they call the #ArtOfPrecision. Perfect for Father’s Day, we got our hands on the versatile Braun Multi Groomer for a full road test.


With this neat little performer, you can trim your beard, shave and style all with one device. The 3-in-1 system is really intuitive and relies on three attachments, one for each function. The attachments simply click into place for a precise styling of the beard. In fact, the adjustable Click&Lock comb trims facial hair to four exact lengths (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm, 6mm). Plus, the head swivels with a sliding motion to allow for change of function. If your Dad has a goatee, a Magnum P.I. style ‘tash or any other facial hairstyle, the Braun Multi Groomer will handle it.

Underneath the bonnet (so to speak), is an extra wide shaver head with a flexible Braun SmartFoil for a really smooth and easy shave. The shave is pretty bang on too and the tech leaves very few straggling hairs behind, if any. After use, you can also run this under a tap to clean it – thanks to it being 100% washable.

That’s not all! The device is equipped with a smart LED system which reports back to your charge status. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes of charging for enough juice to give you a quick trim. On a full charge the device gives you about 25 minutes from our experience. If your Dad is a traveller, then this device is also good for use away thanks to an adaptive voltage charging system (100V – 240V).


This is a great all rounder and the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2016. The Braun Styling range is available from Spring 2016 at Tesco,, Argos and major supermarkets.

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