The Perfect Bride Groom Gift

Marriage is a great institution and a wonderfully rewarding period in ones life. But we all know that there are times when you need to let off steam after a fracas. Whether you go down to the gym and pump some iron or knock one out, it doesn’t matter, you’re still trying to achieve the same result.

It was with this in mind that I wanted to try and come up with the ideal gadget gift for Bride Grooms or even Brides, that would relieve some emotional pressure without expending serious amounts of physical effort. The Hydrogen Fuel Rocket does all of this! This baby should be the staple of every married persons survival kit. Boom and your worries are taken care of!


The Gadget Shop are currently marketing this product for around £50 ($75) and say:

“Your heart pounds… you bite your lip nervously… and then, BLAST OFF – your rocket rips 200 feet into the air!

Enjoy all the excitement of a real launch, without the men in white coats. Just power up with water…wait for the chemical reaction, and stand clear!”


  • Remote ignition button
  • Launch-ready LED display
  • Unlimited launches
  • Includes 2 rockets

How better to blow off some steam!

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