The Safest Dog Harness – CLIX® Car Safe Harness

The Company Of Animals produce some of the best animal products on the market today.

The Clix Car Safe Harness is one such product. It is also possibly the most important purchase you could make for your dog.


If you have kids, would you ever let them travel without wearing a seatbelt?Why is this any different with your pooch? It is claimed only 2% of dog owners use some sort of restraint on their dog in the car.


A medium sized dog, unrestrained in the back of a car, will fly forward with the force of nine 12 stone men in a car crash at only 30mph. That alone should be enough to make you want a Clix Car Safe Harness. Now let`s talk about the quality and easy fitting and use.

The Company of Animals is internationally renowned for its range of pet training and behaviour products. The Harness gives both safety and comfort to the dog. Ease of use and practicality for the owner has also been addressed.

No Fiddling about with excited dogs, eager for walkies. The harness clips comfortably from either side of the dog and then plugs into the seat belt socket.

The bit I really like is once you`ve reached your destination, the Clix Car Safe makes a perfect walking harness.

Ergonomically designed from one continuous loop of approved, safety-standard seatbelt material, The Clix Car Safe Harness has been lined with soft neoprene padding at all points of contact for maximum comfort and safety.

Special attention has been paid to the cross design used to protect your dog`s chest to ensure that the harness remains in place, even when your dog changes position.

Clix Car Safe Harness is available in four sizes and is suitable for most breeds of dog and comes with a free guide on safe travelling with dogs full of helpful tips on car safety.

Starting at only £10.49 this is an affordable way to keep your dog safe in the car no matter how short your journey might be. Without a doubt, the most important gift you could give your dog / a dog owner this Christmas.

A dog really is for life, keep them safe.

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