The Zip Evo Gokart by Topkart

Go-karting is gaining popularity globally amongst corporate executives and adrenaline junkies alike. Many of us have experienced it as part of an organised day, but what if you want to take it a little more seriously?

Well, you should look no further than buying the The Zip Evo which retails for £1,595 plus VAT ($2,950). You can request a variety of configurations which include a 125cc engine with a staggering top speed of 125mph.


Features include:

• CIK International chassis, ideal for Formula A, ICA, JICA, Mini/Junior/Senior Rotax Max.

• Manufactured in Italy to Zip Karts own specification and used by the Zip Young Guns team.

• Zip Evo 2006 Young Guns team spec rolling chassis, 32mm tubing with 50mm axle, new CIK bodywork, less engine and tyres.

• Rolling Chassis.

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