Top Christmas Tech Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is on the way and we have collected a guide to our very best tech gift options for the festive season. Whether you are looking for a pair of sporting earphones, Fitbit fitness trackers or even gaming controllers, then you will find them here. And more!

Jabra Sport Coach Earphones (RRP £119.99)

If you know a fitness fanatic who would appreciate a high-end performance pair of earphones, then look no further… introducing the Jabra Sport Coach earphones. Available for just under £120, these earphones may be pricey, but they also pack oodles of technological goodies and more than justify their price tag.

Smart features

The headphones connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and you can even use NFC for easy pairing. Connection is fast and reliable once established. Additionally, there are also smart features such as the ability to control music and calls directly from earbuds.

However, what makes these earphones different? Well, they are fitted with a TrackFit motion sensor. This great addition to the earphones means that they will measure distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned. They really are the all in one performer and offer tremendous all round tracking for the health enthusiast.


To take advantage of the tracking capabilities, Jabra has created the Integrated Cross Training app. This helps plan, track, and analyse your cross training or other indoor workout. Choose from more than 50 exercises, from beginner to advanced. Get in-the-moment, personalised in-ear audio coaching as you work out. Use time or repetition-based training while being motivated by your favourite music. Jabra also offer a Sport Life application, for a more well-rounded assessment of aspects of fitness outside of training too.

The Style and Fit

Aesthetically, these earphones have a modern look and come in a range of colours. On first appearance, they seem to have a rubber-like appearance and this may put some users off, but we would suggest that you don’t let it! Once the earphones have been put into place they are very snug and fit smartly to the ear. Plus, it is worth noting that the earphones are weather and sweat proof, so this may account for the materials used in the production. It is also encouraging to find out that the earphones are built toward US military standard for rain, shock, sand and dust protection (IP55 Rated). Impressive!


The Sound

The Jabra Sport Coach earphones produce a good sound quality, courtesy of premium wireless music powered by Dolby.

The earphones also provide passive noise cancelling, which relies on a good fit, so make sure that the right buds are in place. If you get it right, then the sound is clear, accurate and reasonably deep bass.  Make sure you take time to get the right fit before you use the Jabra Sport Coach earphones, or you will not see them at their optimum performance level. Learn more about Jabra here.

Leef iBridge 3 Mobile Memory for iPhone & iPad (from £44.99)

One of the most annoying daily occurrences for an iPhone use has to be the inevitable lack of memory! Whenever you go to take a snap or video, that pesky pop up telling you that there is insufficient space will appear. For this very reason, we were super excited to hear about the Leef iBridge™ 3 external iOS memory drive. This nifty device gives the user back their freedom and we love it!


The device has recently been redesigned and is the third rendition of the device. The patented J-Shape allows the memory device to be neatly attached to your iPhone and then curl around for a snug fit.


To get started, simply download the application from the Apple store and then connect the iBridge. Once synced, you will be able to do the following range of activities:

  • Transfer – Quickly move and share photos, videos, and documents from your iPhone or iPad to free up space
  • Backup – Automatically backup content and contacts so you never lose your essential data
  • Capture – Shoot photos and videos directly to Leef iBridge™ 3 so you never miss the moment
  • Store – Easily create an external library of your media for quick access without taking up space on your iPhone or iPad
  • Secure – Create a passcode (or use Touch ID) with LeefLock™ to ensure all your content is protected, even if your iBridge 3 is lost or stolen


The perfect gift for tech fans, selfie enthusiasts, music fans or anyone who suffers from a lack of phone memory. Prices start from £44.99 for the 16GB device (available up to 128GB). Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6SE, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s/5c. iPad PRO, iPad Air/Air 2, iPad mini 1/2/3/4, iPad with Retina display, iPad (4th gen). From and

Fitbit Alta Special Edition (£129.99)

Fitbit are world renowned for their activity trackers, leading fitness applications and sleek designs. With this in mind, we thought you might like to hear about a limited edition version of the Fitbit Alta. Now available, the limited edition design features 22k plates gold for one of the most stylish trackers on the market. With a battery life of over 4/5 days in our testing, it is also a device which requires little charging, unlike some other trackers out there!


Activity and sleep tracking

The Alta uses SmartTrack™ technology, which automatically tracks and records your work outs for you. You don’t even need to tell the device what you are doing, as will track your activity without your say so. Plus, if you are not moving enough, then you will be hit with a reminder to get moving by the app. You can switch this off, but it is useful to know when you need to move, especially if you have a fairly sedentary lifestyle and you need a nudge.


Another fantastic feature of the device is Auto Sleep Tracking. This function means that your Fitbit can detect when you are sleeping thanks to your movement levels, then it will track your sleep patterns to allow you to achieve a better nights sleep. Once you are ready to wake up, the device also uses a gentle “silent alarm” to vibrate you awake.

All of this activity is easily reviewable via the Fitbit application. This app is intuitive, easy to use and it also generates some lovely graphs to make the data more digestible. A wonderful tracker! Find out more here.

Slick style and screen

As we have touched on before, this is also one attractive tracker! The device incorporates and OLED tap display into its design. The OLED is fully touch interactive and can be used to check the time (as you would a watch), plus you can cycle through various phone functions.


Additionally, the design can be linked up to your phone to receive Call, Text & Calendar Alerts. These smart notifications will appear on your arm on the OLED display and you will also see your fitness goals appear too. All of this is fully customisable. You can even choose between various clock face types too!

Alta is rain, sweat and shower proof. However, a word of warning, it is not swim proof.

What’s Included

  • Fitbit Alta tracker
  • Alta Classic wristband
  • Charging cable
  • Wireless sync dongle

Read more about the Fitbit Alta here.

Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock (£24.99)

One of the cruel realities of life has to be waking up on a cold winters morning and simply wanting to roll back to sleep. However, with the Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock, your morning is about to become a lot easier!


These new Radio Alarm Clocks feature a relatively classic design, yet with a few modern twists and flourishes thrown in. For example, the clock comes in a vibrant red or blue, as well as a more muted white or grey.

The device features an easy to read LCD display, ensuring you can see it from all angles.  It is also backlight, meaning you can use it of an evening too.


One feature we love is the dual alarm function. This allows two alarm times to be set. This is very handy if you have a partner who needs to get up at a different time as yourself, as you can rest assured you will both be woken at the correct time. If you don’t fancy waking up, simply hit the easily accessible snooze button and carry on catching those ZZZ’s.

Available from here.

NEW SPEEDLINK QUINOX Gamepad – SRP £59.99 Amazon

If you know a gamer who would love a tech treat this Christmas, then you have to read about this brand new gamepad from Speedlink.


The sleek USB gamepad comes adorned with the classic A, B, X, Y buttons and two analog sticks. But that’s not all… This gamepad also has 6 additional buttons to make it one of the most customisable on the market. Plus, as an easy to use OLED display makes the configuration process a breeze. There is also a high performance vibration unit in the pad, just for that extra layer of realism. In addition, switching between DirectInput and XInput mode is simple using the integrated switch

The magic is in the customisation! For example, you have the use of two shoulder buttons and four handy paddles set into the back. Ultimately, the function of these buttons are a bonus, meaning you can customise more intricate elements of games.


All in all performance is good across the board. The extra functionality is a fantastic addition to a gamers arsenal and the responsiveness of the standard buttons is adequate.

The new gamepad seems to be aiming for the higher range of the market. However, with all of that customisation available and a high quality finish, we think it’s worth it! The perfect gift for the hardcore pc gamer this Christmas!

Available for £59.99 from Amazon.

Cygnett UrbanShield Case for iPhone 7/Plus (£19.95-£24.95)

There is a mind boggling amount of smart phone cases out there on the market and a plethora just for the new iPhone 7/7 plus. However, we believe the Cygnett UrbanShield case provides the perfect balance of protection and style.


Super slim, the case has a super-premium feel of polished metal and silicone, with premium Carbon Fibre details. You also have 3 colours to pick from.


The case uses Cygnett classed Slimline Protection offering some defence in a basic drop scenario from scratches and damage to your phone. It seemed to work perfectly for us and we felt immediately secure using the case. Find our more here.

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