The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for! What do you get someone who has everything or who tends to go out and get what they want anyway. Luckily, we have compiled this comprehensive list of gifts to help you make those all important present purchase. We have everything from Geox footwear to smartphone tech. Enjoy…

Geox Nebula Footwear (around £110)

The Nebula’s are a brand new footwear offering from leading footwear specialists GEOX. These gorgeous offerings display cutting edge footwear tech and also enough style to see you through most social occasions.


The Nebula’s retail at around £110 typically and this may seem a little pricey, but they have a series of tricks that make them the must buy shoe this Father’s Day. Thanks to ground breaking 3D breathing technology, the Nebula’s are extremely comfy and great for everyday wear. The clever design of the sole and the shape of the show also reduces impact on your feet, so it feels like you are walking on a stylish cloud. Well worth every penny of the RRP. Grab a pair for Father’s Day here.

Molton Brown’s Tobacco Range

Molton Brown has to be one of our favourite grooming and luxury brands in the world. Their dedication to breath-taking scents and new fragrances makes them the perfect brand to consider for Father’s Day. Leading the way this Spring is their brand new Tobacco Absolute range and we love it!

Tobacco Absolute Eau de Toilette (£39.00)


Now, don’t be put off if your Father isn’t a smoker, as this range offers such fantastic depth of fragrance and a truly nose-catching character (like eye-catching, but for the nose. You know what we mean!). The smell is warm and woody, with a muskiness and hint of tobacco. The result is a manly and captivating fragrance, which is given a twist by a hint of grapefruit and bergamot. We were really presently surprised here, but be warned, as the fragrance is not a subtle one and might be a little powerful for some.

Tobacco Absolute Bath & Shower Gel (£18.00)


Molton Brown’s shower gels are always a hit with us. The fragrance is typically long lasting and rich with aromas. The Tobacco Absolute shower gel is by no different to other offerings from the brand and is comforting and luxurious. As with the EDT, there is a wonderful presence of Argentinian grapefruit and a backing of musky tobacco. You will be sad when this runs out – we were! A great gift for your Father and you can get it here.

Tech 21 Evo Elite Case (£39.95)

Tech 21 have always created great fitting, snug and protective smart phone cases. However, for Father’s Day, we would recommend one of their very best cases – the Evo Elite Case. Crafted to show off the iPhone 6s aluminium backing this case is a looker and is super practical too. Built after 18 months of development and production, this case offers the ultimate impact protection, therefore making it the perfect buy for clumsy Dads.


Tech 21 claim the case to be scratch resistant and protective up to 2 metres thanks to their FlexShock technology. We are happy to report that we encountered no scratches on our testing and the case protected well up to 1 metre (we weren’t brave enough to try two!). The case also offers great access the buttons on the iPhone and doesn’t add too much bulk to the overall size of the phone. All in all, this is a fab case and one your dad would be proud to have. Get one here.

Groov-e Retro Boombox (£44.99)

Now, I don’t know about your Dad, but I do know that mine is a little stuck in the past and he is looking for ways of playing his old CDs. Thankfully, Groov-e have come up with a brand new and rather, well, groovy solution!


The Groov-e Retro Boombox is a slick and gorgeously designed little CD player (CD-R/CD-RW) and Cassette player with built in AM/FM radio and a cool LED display. Plus, you also have the option of using any device via a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. With this device, your dad can play his classic mix tapes and even create brand new personalised mix tapes on CD too. The depth of sound is pretty impressive and so is the bass, therefore making it a great all around performer for the kitchen, garden or garage. Grab it here.

Speedlink KUDOS Z-9 Gaming Mouse (SRP £42.99)

Gaming is big money these days and more and more dads are becoming hard-core game enthusiasts. If your Dad is one of this ever-growing group, then we would highly recommend this slick gaming mouse from Speedlink. At almost £43 this mouse is probably at the higher end of the scale and about as much as you would expect to pay for a mouse.

Speedlink Kudos Z-9

BUT, it is totally worth it! This mouse is 100% customisable and even comes with app that allows each element to be tuned to you. This means sensors in the mouse, button and functions are all in sync with your hand, therefore making it highly intuitive and responsive. It even has an ultra-precise laser sensor, zero response time and it illuminates based on your tweaks too. This is the perfect device for any gaming dad or indeed any gamer. It’s ergonomically designed too, so no more RSI or finger straining when breaking through your favourite level of the latest game. We love it!

TrackR Bravo (£24.99 with free p&p)

Is your Father constantly searching for his keys, wallet or phone? If so, this great little gadget will save him tonnes of time and give him a little piece of mind too. The TrackR Bravo is a coin-sized, aluminium fob, which attaches itself to your keys or wallet and connects to your smartphone wirelessly.


The result is a system which allows you to easily ring your key or wallet from your phone so that he fob makes a noise and allows you to track it down. It also works vice-versa, meaning you can tap the button on the fob to help locate your phone. TrackR has an app for both iPhone and your Android smartphone. You can also set up separation alerts should your fob get too far away from your phone and the device works within 100ft. A great little device and one we KNOW will help any Dad out there – they are terrible for losing keys!

Estrella Galicia (from £4.99)

A nice bottle of ice cold, premium lager – what could be better as a little gift this Father’s Day? Well, we can’t think of many things! Established in 1906, Estrella Galicia is brewed and bottled in northern Spain. This drink is very drinkable and smooth, plus it has quite a pleasant aroma on the nose. It’s pale lager, yet has quite a hoppy character and is packed full of flavour.


We tried Estrella Galicia with our most recent BBQ and this lager was the perfect match. Estrella Galicia is available at major stockists including M & S and Waitrose, from £4.99.

PNY 4-IN-1 Lens Kit – Lenses for Smartphones

Have you ever wished you could get a slightly wider angle using your smartphone camera? Or have you ever seen something tiny you would like to snap, but you don’t have a very good macro option on the phone? If you have ever thought these questions (or similar), we would highly recommend the 4-in-1 Lens Kit from PNY.


PNY has created a set of 4 camera lenses (Super Wide Angle, Fisheye, Wide Angle and Macro), which can be easily fitted to your smartphone on the go. Thanks to various mounting clips, plates and rings, the set can fit most devices out there. It fitted very snugly to my iPhone and took some great snaps. This is a great, portable solution to those photography woes and it opens up the potential of your smartphone massively. A great buy!  At £39.99, the Kit comes with a storage case for safe carrying and a 2-year warranty.


This fantastic little kit includes the following lenses:

  • Super wide angle 0.4x
  • Fisheye 180
  • Wide angle 0.67x
  • Macro

The Cross Marvel Pen Collection (NEW)

If your Dad is a bit of a super hero, then why not consider this fantastic new collection from CROSS pens. To celebrate the latest release from the Marvel franchise, these pens feature 3 of the movie’s stand out characters in their designs. CROSS have created a trio of designs based on Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man, so you should find a match for your Dad. The pens utilise Tech2 style technology, which means each pen has a ballpoint option and a stylus too.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.06.35 Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.06.53 Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.07.02

This is great for a super hero fan on the go and who uses tablets too. They are flash and full of fantastic character. This would certainly be a super purchase this Father’s Day. The Tech2 series is finished in a metallic lacquer, displayed in a Marvel themed gift box and is available at RRP £30. Available in NOW and just in time for Father’s Day, the series can be purchased online at and at select retailers. Access the online store locator for more details.

Meantime Chocolate Porter


Meantime are probably on your Dad’s radar and probably already a big favourite. They have created some fantastic craft beers and we love them. This offering from Meantime is a little different though and might just make for an usual pressie. Four roasted malts come together in this porter and finished with a chocolate edge. It’s warming and indulgent! Plus, it’s deliciously smooth to drink! This is a fantastic digestif or companion for dark meat dishes, such as venison or similar. We enjoyed just sipping this on a Sunday evening, kicking back and relaxing. £21.99 for a case of 12 x 330ml bottles.

BaByliss For Men Super Beard Trimmer (£60)

 For Father’s of a rather hirsute nature, we would 100% recommend this Super Beard trimmer from high-street favourites BaByliss. This trimmer is super precise and boasts 15 different settings for 15 different types of cut ranging from 1mm to 15mm. We tried the device and works really well for maintaining a consistent beard size and for keeping neat. Once you pick a length, simply click the lock button and shave in the knowledge there will be no inconsistencies.

The shaver then uses advanced blade technology with Electrochemically sharpened blades for a clean and efficient cut. Aside from the precise controls, you also have an LED display to convey all the relevant cutting details. Plus, there is an onboard Lithium-ion battery for mobile use or you can connect a cable. You shouldn’t need to however, as there is a 5 minute quick charge for those time-sensitive emergencies. The kit also includes a shaving plug adapter, charging stand and a 3 year guarantee.

Case Logic Larimer Roll Top BackPack (£39.99-£49.99)

Is your Dad always on the go and lumbering around his laptop or tablet? If so, this sophisticated and modern range of bags from Case Logic are perfect for the urban commuter. The Rolltop Backpack has protective compartments for 15”MacBooks/14” Laptops and even has a dedicated slip pocket for a 10.1” tablet too. It really does offer a great solution for a Dad who has all the gadgets. Aside from the tech storage, the bag also has a polyester water-repllent coating and webbing on the exterior for carrying trainers or a small brolly. This is a great, stylish and practical gift for the commuting dad.


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