Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide


Do you need some help picking a pressie for a special dad? Well we have a selection of gifts reviewed right here and there is something for everyone. Ranging from Ted Baker, to Northcroft Golf to Shepherd Neame, all the gift help you need is here!

Ted Baker M Gift Set (The Perfume Shop exclusive)

These brand new Ted Baker Eau de Toilette gift sets have just launched exclusively at The Perfume Shop, priced £14.99 each. We love them!

Perfect for the sophisticated, modern dad, this set comes in a typically sylish Ted Baker gift box. It contains a30ml Eau de Toilette along with a 100ml Body Wash and After Shave Balm, all infused with a fresh, woody and understated fragrance with top notes of tonka bean, musk and vetiver combined with a spicy blend of amber and coriander. The range has a really clean, fresh and masculine scent which we think any man would love.


The Tee Up and BAMP from Northcroft Golf club

These two gadgets from Northcroft Golf club are absolute must buys if your father is a fan of golf, but on the more mature side. The Tee-up “allows a golfer to place the ball and tee-peg on the tee effortlessly without having to bend down, even if the hands are not as steady as they once were”. We found this device to be super lightweight and well built too; it was just rugged enough to sit in the golf bag without fear of damage. Fully customisable in height, the device made it really easy for a range of different sized users to tee up without a hitch. Plus, the device has a stabiliser to make it easier for those who have slightly shakey hands to place their ball and tee. A really magnificent device this!

The Tee Up by Northcroft Golf smaller

The BAMP is a really handy addition to any putter and allows (with a small bit of movement only), for a golf ball to be easily retrieved at the climax of a hole. Built with strong and yet flexible materials, we found this to be a simple and yet highly efficient new element to our golfing armoury. We were promised that the BAMP utilises a powerful magnet which screws into the top of the golf club, which would ensure that we were able to pick up both ball and marker in one hit. And, thankfully, this worked a treat to make picking up after a hole as easy as it ever has been.

The BAMP by Northcrfot Golf and endorsed by Sam Torrance smaller image

The Tee Up is priced at £41 including delivery and the BAMP £10, but we think they are both worth every penny.

Both are available from www.northcroftgolf.com


Tactus VitriFender and Smootch

VitriFender (premium tempered glass screen protector from £14.99)

If your dad is clumsy and prone to dropping his smartphone, then this is a must have gift for him this Father’s day! Formulated from premium tempered glass, the VitriFender is one of the finest screen protectors we have tried.. Beautifully thin, shatterproof and three times harder than PET film, it has been designed to withstand the accidental drops or car key scrapes. The VitriFender also has an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprint marks and other contaminants, making the screen easier to clean. Perfect for keeping makeup smears or your child’s sticky finger prints at bay.


For the Galaxy S4, Samsung S5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini/Mini with Retina, from £14.99, Argos



These super cool little devices are designed to sit on the back of your device, provide protection and also to stop your device sliding around. The Tactus Smootch is available as skin for the iPhone 5/5s and as a protective case for the iPhone 6. The array of colours is pretty special, so we are sure that your dad will find a colour to suit! For iPhone 5/5s/6 (4.7), from £9.99, Argos


The Shepherd Neame Heritage Collection

If your dad is a fan of brilliant ales then this box is the best gift we could recommend. When we received the Shepherd Neame Heritage Collection we were blown away by the value and high quality products.


The 12 bottle mixed case from Britain’s oldest brewer, based in Faversham, Kent, includes Bishops Finger, 1698, Brilliant Ale, Double Stout and India Pale Ale. It also includes detailed tasting notes, so you can taste and assess each ale, just like their Master brewers.The Heritage Collection is available priced £23.95 at www.shepherdneame.co.uk/shop

The Heritage Collection is a mixed case of 12 bottled Shepherd Neame beers, comprising:

  • 2x Bishops Finger (5.4% abv)
  • 2x 1698 (6.5% abv)
  • 2x Brilliant Ale (5.6% abv)
  • 3x Double Stout (5.2% abv)
  • 3x India Pale Ale (6.1% abv) 

Personalised port from BuyAGift.co.uk

If you dad isn’t really into ales, but likes something a little more sophisticated to sip, then we recommend this personalised bottle of Port from Buy A Gift.co.uk. The label can be tailored to read anything you wish to give that extra special touch this Father’s Day. The bottle’s label comes with your personalised message, for a unique and heartfelt gift. You may choose a traditional white, traditional black, or antique-style label, and for a small additional cost you can present the bottle in an attractive gift box to make it extra special.


The port is also of very high quality and goes above and beyond our expectations on flavour. A late Bottled Port from Sandeman – an importer with over 200 years of pedigree – is a single-year vintage. Deep and full of character, it has been aged in wood barrels for 4-6 years to give it complexity and smoothness. One to certainly consider!



The Smart Zapper

Want to turn your smartphone into a TV remote control? Well now you can with the launch of the One For All Smart Zapper. One For All’s new product Smart Zapper converts your tablet or smartphone into a fully functional remote control for all your home cinema equipment. It boasts advanced content control, Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and seven days of TV information including pictures of the programme, movie and cast.


Smart Zapper

The Smart Zapper is an advanced Bluetooth ‘bridge’ that sits on your coffee table and translates Bluetooth Smart signals into Infrared. It has nine programmable keys for power, volume, channel up/down, play, pause and mute. The editable keys mean you can add, change or delete any key.

Smart Zapper

Used in conjunction with the free Nevo iOS or Android app, full zapper functionality can be configured on your smartphone or tablet in less than three minutes. It works with any Bluetooth Smart enabled Android or Apple phone. Once you have selected your provider, the correct channel line-up will automatically download.

The Smart Zapper can be configured to work with up to 16 devices in the same room (11 on a smartphone) and it’s also ‘future proof’ – with online access to One For All’s huge database which is regularly updated with the codes for new models. It already works with more than 300,000 devices from 6,000+ brands, including soundbars.

Smart Zapper

Why hunt for multiple remotes when all your electronic devices can appear on the screen of your smartphone? The Smart Zapper (URC8810) is priced at £34.99 from Maplins or One For All’s website: www.oneforall.co.uk


V2 Cigs Pro Series 3
The V2 PRO Series 3 is a personal vapourising system that delivers leading performance at an incredible value and through a single device. This 3-in-1 premium vapouriser offers advanced technology that can detect interchangeable e-Liquid, loose leaf or essential oil cartridges with seamless versatility.

V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit

The V2 PRO Series 3 detects what type of cartridge has been inserted and automatically adjusts its temperature setting to get the best vapouriser results and large plumes of vapour. Its magnetic design makes for ultimate ease-of-use, as the cartridge can be simply dropped into the vaporiser, clicking into place. It sports a sleek, premium look and feel to guarantee a satisfying vaping experience.

The V2 PRO Series 3 Kit includes:
• One V2 PRO Series 3 Vaporizer Pen unit
• One magnetic USB charger
• One E-liquid Cartridge
• Available in three stylish colours: Black, Blue and Stainless Steel

V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit

The V2 PRO Series 3 Kit is available for £75.00 on the V2 Cigs website.

The V2 Platinum e-liquids come in 12 different flavours and five different nicotine strengths to cater to all different tastes and vaping needs. The available nicotine strengths are: 0, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4

The most popular e-liquid flavours include:

  • V2 Red Tobacco
  • V2 Congress Tobacco
  • V2 Menthol Tobacco
  • V2 Sahara Tobacco
  • V2 Cherry
  • V2 Grape
  • V2 Cola
  •  V2 Chocolate
  •  V2 Mint Tea
  • V2 Vanilla
  • V2 Coffee
  • V2 Peppermint

V2 Range of E-Liquids

The V2 PRO Loose Leaf and Dry Herb Cartridge and the V2 PRO S3 Wax Cartridge are both available on www.buyv2cigs.co.uk for £19.99.

Sample packs of V2 Cigs 6x10ml Platinum E Liquids are available for £29.99.
V2 Cigs 25ml Platinum E Liquids are available for £13.45.
V2 Cigs 50ml Platinum E Liquids are available for £24.95.


iBeani bean-bag

Free both hands with iBeani and stop struggling to hold your iPad, tablet or eReader and help AVOID iPad RSI or iPad Shoulder. The iBeani iPad Tablet & eReader Cushion will hold your device for you, allowing you to relax and browse, watch, play or read.


The iBeani bean-bag stand is the only universal tablet stand you need. It fits iPads, Kindles and all other tablet computer devices, in both landscape and portrait use.

Unlike other iPad stands you can adjust the angle and use it on any surface. Use it in the office, the car, in bed, on the sofa or anywhere you use your tablet device, for a stable, comfy and easy experience – perfect for the whole family. The iBeani bean bag stand is simply the best and most useful gadget stand you can buy!


  • Great features of your iBeani iPad or Tablet Cushion Bean Bag include:
  • The Comfiest iPad Tablet Cushion Bean Bag, Ever! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  •  iBeani iPad Tablet Pillow is Great to Relax and Browse, on Your Knee, in Bed, at the Desk, Anywhere!
  •  100% Stable on ANY Surface, at ANY Angle, Leaving BOTH Hands Free!
  • The BEST iPad Cushion Bean Bag Pillow Stand to Help AVOID iPad RSI & iPad Shoulder
  •  Stylish & Suitable for ALL iPads, Tablet Computers and eReaders. Superior Quality and Made in the UK
  • Side pocket for your phone or earphones.
  • Hanging loop for easy storage and carrying

With a 30 day money back guarantee iBean.com are confident you’ll love what you purchase.

With a range of colourful and fun Ibeani’s to choose from, you wont be short of choice!





Selfie Stick

Taking Self Portraits and videos has never been easier.
This specially designed Selfie Pole holds any mobile phone (under 8cm wide) securely at just the right distance and angle for a great picture. You don’t need to download an App, just pair your phone with the remote. For enhanced photo editing options and additional functionality a free App is available from the App Store.

selfie stick

The Selfie Stick is great for taking pictures of yourself and your friends from a distance without the need to someone to take the photograph for you! Great for getting scenery views in the distance and also for getting as many of your friends and family in the photo all at once.

selfie stick

  • Take perfect selfies for 1 to 20+ people without having to stretch
  •  Stand holds most mobiles under 8cm wide
  •  Adjusts to the perfect angle for your shot
  •  Pole extends to 116cm
  • Includes Bluetooth remote

Plug the wire into the 3.5mm audio jack plug on your device.
Fix your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone etc in the spring loaded adjustable mount. Extend the arm to the desired length. Snap your picture by pressing the remote button on the soft rubber handle.

selfie stick

No hassle, no fiddling, just the perfect shot on the button every time!




Swan SK32010N 400 MI Coffee 2 Go – RRP £49.99
Ideal for those who have a busy day ahead this compact filter machine benefits from a removable, permanent filter and 400ml capacity. The dual-wall stainless steel thermal travel mug will keep your coffee at the ideal drinking temperature, while the one-touch operation makes operation simple. The maker can be used with coffee grounds as well as loose-leaf teas.


The Swan SK32010N 400 MI Coffee 2 Go is available from Swan – www.swan-brand.co.uk

Swan SC8020N/MO 2 In 1 Window Vac – RRP £69.99
This rechargeable vacuum is suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. The handy window squeegee will help make dirty windows and dull shower screens a thing of the past, while the wall mountable bracket keeps it neatly out of the way when not in use. Also suitable for cleaning inside the home, the bagless design makes emptying simple and the LED light indicator lets you know how much power you have left before charging.


The Swan SC8020N/MO 2 In 1 Window Vac is available from Swan- www.swan-brand.co.uk



FixMeStick is an easy to use ‘plug and play’ anti-virus USB stick. It’s a practical gift for ‘digital Dads’ wanting a no fuss anti-virus solution for the family. FixMeStick is new to the UK market, costing £45 per stick which can be used on up to 3 PCs or Macs per year. Further info below:


FixMeStick is a self-bootable USB device which operates in its own clean environment, identifying viruses and malware such as spyware, Trojans, ransomware and so on.
The device is straightforward to use, with users able to plug in and start scanning for viruses and malware. The FixMeStick cleans up devices already carrying viruses and malware but also can be used on a regular basis on ‘clean’ machines as a pro-active virus scanner. It can be used as a regular ‘check-up’ tool for your PC or laptop (a monthly check is recommended).

More than 250,000 viruses and malware appear every day, and other software based virus protection services only catch approximately 45% of these. The FixMeStick is automatically updated with the latest virus information to stay up to date with new developments.

Cost savings: other ‘one time’ virus removal services cost more than FixMeStick itself.
FixMeStick is also designed to work with your current device to speed up computer performance by removing viruses periodically.
You can keep multiple devices protected, with up to three devices covered by the USB FixMeStick.





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