Urbanista Boston Wireless Earphones

The Urbanista Boston earphones make a strong first impression with their bold bright colours and stylised silicon ear buds. At first the lack of headphone jack looks fairly out of place, but these are wireless bluetooth earphones designed for listening on the go.

Urbanista Boston Wireless earphones

The unit is quite neat, with two earphones connected to a central block which provides the power and bluetooth connection. On the right earphone’s wire there’s a small control unit which let’s you adjust volume and track controls. One of the most unique aspects of the Urbanista Boston headphones is that they are supposed to be worn around the back of the head. The power/bluetooth sits comfortably on the back of your neck and a small clip nearby allows you to hold it in place against the back of your shirt. The earphones look like any other pair of earphones while being worn, but your mobility is much better.

As an example, when exercising with a normal pair of earphones you might accidentally get caught on something and pull the earphones out of your ears, or the movement of your body might cause the wire to gently pull the earphones out of your ears over time. The Urbanista Boston solves this problem by placing the earphones and wires entirely above your body, and behind your head, with practically no risk of getting in the way or getting snagged on anything.

Once the earphones are paired with your phone, which is an easy process, they can be connected any time by simply turning them on with the playback controls by the right ear. Providing your phone is nearby, with bluetooth switched on, they will pair up quickly and a beep will let you know the process is complete. From that point, any audio you play on your phone will be sent to your earphones, and the quality is impressive.

Urbanista Boston Wireless earphones

There are three pairs of silicon ear-buds included, in three sizes. The two larger sizes have large wings for easy removal, and the smallest one has a more subtle design. The size that you favour will depend entirely on your ears, and might take some trial and error to get right. Once you’ve got a good fit though, the bass response is impressive. Unlike some other earphones, they can be easily removed and re-inserted without too much of an adjustment period, and the shape of the earphones doesn’t push the wax into your ears.

One of my only complaints is that I feel the earphones might sit better on my head if they could be wrapped over and around the back of my ears, but unfortunately the playback controls get stuck behind your ear if you try this. It’s a matter of preference though, and since the unit is sitting behind your head, there won’t be any weight pulling on the earphones, which is one of the main reasons for wrapping them behind your ears.

The Urbanista Boston Wireless earphones retail at £59.99, and you can find out more information about them on the Urbanista website.

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