Wet Head Water Roulette

I wouldn’t call this Iconic, but it is a bit of fun. For kids or even adults the Wet Head Water Roulette can make an entertaining gift.


According to Playengine the Wet Head “is the new tension packed water roulette game that will leave you soaked but ready for more! Fill the Wet Head water reservoir, take turns to put the hat on your head, give a spin and pull the pin…will you turn out to be the next Wet Head?”

“Players start the game by inserting the eight rods into the blue wethead container. You then fill the container with ice cold water – the colder the better! The first brave sportsman straps on the Wet Head and crosses their fingers while someone else spins the hat and pulls out one of the rods. If the player stays dry then Wet Head is passed on to the next lucky player. With seven rods left could it be your turn to get a icy Wet Head? Best to play on a bad hair day!”

Retails for £12.76 ($23.73).

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